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Artemis Update- December 2023

Updated: Jan 9


December has come and gone, and as we bid adieu to 2023, we’re excited to see what the new year brings. If you’re in tech (or any sector, really) you probably feel like 2023 didn’t quite hit the mark. We’re all excited to turn a new leaf in 2024… but it’s not all bad news.

Join us as we reflect on 2023 hiring trends and make predictions for 2024! And as always we've got career moves, salary insights and hot news.

Happy reading and Happy New Year from the Artemis Team!


What changed for us in 2023? What were our clients focused on? How did changes in tech, capital, mobility and workplace culture drive real executive hiring decisions in Canadian scale-ups? We reflect on 2023, and while we don’t have a crystal ball…we’re excited to share a few predictions for 2024 based on what we’re seeing, hearing, and what we have learned from the cycles of the past.




Head of Product - Loyalty/Rewards - Canada - Email to learn more

Finance Leader - Cleantech - Canada (Remote) - Email to learn more

Founding Product Designer  - AI Automation  -  (Remote) - Email to learn more

Founding Routing Algorithm Software Engineer - AI Automation -  (Remote) - Email to learn more

Business Operations Leader - High Performance Computing - Canada (Remote) - Email to learn more 

Partnerships Leader - High Performance Computing - Canada (Remote) - Email to learn more 

Marketing Leader - High Performance Computing - Canada (Remote) - Email to learn more 

Lead QA Engineer - Loyalty/Rewards - Canada (EST) - Email to learn more 

Financial Controller - Enterprise SaaS - KW/Toronto - Email to learn more

Confidential Chief Product Officer - (Remote) - Email to learn more


Coming Soon

Confidential Head of Partnerships - SMB SaaS - (Remote) - Email to learn more

SEO Engineer II - Travel-tech - (Remote) - Email to learn more Technical Manager, Engineering (Mobile) - Travel-tech - (Remote) - Email to learn more Head of Product  - B2SMB SaaS - Canada (Remote) - Email to learn more 

Head of Engineering - B2SMB SaaS - Canada (Remote) - Email to learn more


As trusted recruitment partners, we’ve had the opportunity to talk with hundreds of high-growth start-up and scale-up leaders about their experiences, aspirations, motivations, and of course…. their compensation strategies!

In this edition of our Salary Snapshot Series, we're shedding light on the compensation landscape for Software Engineering Leaders.


In the last year, we've launched our fractional leader network and have built a spectacular roster across every function in tech. If you're a founder or investor looking to add depth of experience to your leadership team, on an interim or fractional basis, let's chat. Spotlight: Our Fractional Leader of the Month

Title: Chief Marketing Officer

Location: Waterloo Region

Background: She has over 20 years of marketing expertise from large, medium, and early-stage startup tech companies (she's seen it all!). She's experienced scale from 0 to $150M ARR, leading marketing teams in both hardware and software companies. She'd led brand, growth marketing, marketing communications, product marketing, and more. She has significant fintech, B2B, and B2B2C experience.

Looking for: B2B SaaS companies looking for support in branding, social media, PR, and marketing communications

Email to learn more Psst. Looking for another skill set? Check out previously featured fractional leaders. From CTOs to CFOs, Customer Experience to Sales/Revenue, Marketing or HR leaders - our roster has exceptional talent across all functions!


As we welcome a new year, the Artemis team is thrilled to share the joy and warmth that December brought through one of our holiday season initiatives. Each year, we aim to make a positive dent in the universe by choosing to support some amazing charities. Please explore the stories behind these causes we care about, and we invite you to join us in supporting them if you can.


Immigrants of Tech brings you the inspiring stories of newcomers to our tech ecosystem.

Meet Fatima Zaidi! Fatima is the Founder and CEO of Quill, a full-service podcast hosting platform. In this interview, we dove into what inspired Quill, what led her to choose Canada as the place to build her company, and advice for newcomers looking to integrate into the local tech ecosystem.


Kitchener-Waterloo tech leaders launch new community building platform Waterloo Inc. Read More Here

An alliance of tech heavyweights pushes for AI to have an open-source future. Read More Here

Federal Government announces that IRAP will continue as the launch of Canadian Innovation Corporation is delayed to 2026-27. Read More Here

SMEs focused on mitigating their carbon footprint tend to earn more revenue and maintain highly dynamic businesses, according to a new report by the BDC. Read More Here


KW/Toronto/Canada tech funding powered by our friends at

ThoughtExchange - British Columbia | SaaS | $13.5M

FinChat - Toronto | AI | $2.0M

Ability Biologics - Quebec | BioTech | $12.0M

EZee Assist - Toronto | AI | $1.9M

KOHO Financial - Toronto | FinTech | $86.0M

ContactMonkey - Toronto | Telecommunications | $55.0M

Leav - Quebec | RetailTech | $2.3M

Durable - British Columbia | AI | $18.0M

Terminal - Toronto | API | $4.2M

Inverted AI - British Columbia | AI | $5.4M

Woveo - Alberta | FinTech | $2.3M

Friendlier - Waterloo Region | CleanTech | $5.0M

Ionomr - British Columbia | CleanTech | $26.7M


Are you a dedicated problem solver with deep domain expertise, ready to embark on your next entrepreneurial journey? FutureSight Venture Studio is actively seeking co-founders. Email to learn more

Have you ever envisioned owning your own business? Fascinated by the realm of virtual reality? CTRL V, a Waterloo-based VR arcade, is on the lookout for passionate franchisees. Email to learn more


Catalyst Commons is hosting a winter She Talks Tech event: "Disrupting Tech: Innovative Women-Led Projects". Showcasing groundbreaking projects and initiatives led by women in various tech domains, highlighting their impact and potential for change. Join the guestlist!

For January's Build and BreakFast, the AC is supercharging your business growth. Join them for an immersive workshop where CEO, Jay Krishnan, will guide you through the intricacies of creating a robust Go-To-Market (GTM). Grab your tickets here!

Send us your questions about hiring and retaining top talent in tech!

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