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Resources for New Canadians in Tech

Our feature Immigrants in Tech highlights incredible stories of newcomers who are making a big impact in the Canadian tech ecosystem.

Newcomers are Key to the Success of Canadian Tech 

The Bridge Project is a collection of resources that will give newcomers the tools and insights that they need to find ideal employment in the Canadian tech sector and to grow and succeed as part of a thriving tech ecosystem.

Why is this important to the team at Artemis Canada?

Canada has a strong immigration policy, welcoming the most talented and experienced newcomers into the country. But we recognize that there’s work to do as we integrate this talent into our tech ecosystem. Companies are missing out on great talent and individuals are mismatched and undervalued.


We see gaps that can be closed - norms for resumes and social profiles, interview readiness, skills to contextualize experience or negotiate an equitable offer, and more. So we launched "The Bridge Project". With insight and guidance from the new Canadians in our network, we aim to bridge the gap, empower newcomers for success & expand the talent pool for our local tech companies!

Are you a New Canadian in Tech?

We're excited to have you in our network!

Share your information with us here so we can reach out when the right role comes up.

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