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We feature a fractional leader monthly in our Artemis Update newsletter.

For a full summary of these featured leaders, we’ve listed them below!

To learn more about our fractional leadership offering, check out Fractional Leadership.

 If you’re looking for a fractional leader and are interested in connecting with any of these amazing individuals, please reach out to us. If you’re looking for a skillset not represented below, let’s chat.

We’ll help you find the right leader for your needs. 

CEO, COO, CRO Advisor

Location: Remote 

Background:  An experienced senior executive and revenue leader with 25+ years of experience at startups and scale-ups through various stages (Series A to Exit). Has held CEO and CRO positions, built and supported high-performing teams, been part of a senior leadership team raising capital ($100M+), and built repeatable revenue engines for SMB, MidMarket & Enterprise customers. Has experience across multiple SaaS stages and industries including exits.

Looking for: Advisory support (~1-2 hours/week) for Founders, CEOs and leadership teams looking for an experienced SaaS operator who can provide thought partnership, strategic and operational support.

Capacity: Please inquire.

Venture Studio Leader

Location: Toronto, ON 

Background: He’s an ex-founder, investor, and operator, offering extensive leadership experience across all aspects of venture building. He supports startups through his venture studio, focusing on industries like agriculture, finance, and health. He has a track record of launching successful products and services and has led collaborations with major B2C, B2B and government entities.

Looking for:  Early stage startups or established corps who are looking to raise capital, find or refine product-market fit, plan their organizational strategy and/or roadmap and who need expertise on product, customer and/or market research, strategic management, fundraising, or partnerships.

Capacity: Please inquire.

Head of Customer Success

Location: Toronto, ON

Background: She is a four-time leader in B2B Enterprise SaaS startups for 16 years, specializing in customer success and support, maintaining high retention rates even during product pivots, and recently drove significant customer and revenue growth in an AdTech marketplace, with experience in retail tech, AI, and AdTech.

Looking for: Hands-on or advisory fractional roles where she can add value to CS/acquisition organizations that are pivoting or at an inflection point, where building the right foundation for scale is the priority.

Capacity: Please inquire.

Chief Technical Officer

Location: Waterloo, ON

Background:  Launching nearly 20 products spanning SaaS, consumer hardware, developer tools, and security, he is both hands-on with development and skilled with zero-to-one product management. He has designed and built end-to-end products himself, scaled teams within startups, and led a portfolio of products at Google. He is currently building the next product while offering fractional services that help other teams launch products (managing outsourced development or junior development teams, roadmapping, technical architecture, lean processes) and build their teams (team composition, role definition, and interviewing).

Looking for: Startups and scale-ups bringing new products to market.

Capacity: Please inquire.

SVP Engineering / CTO

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Background: He’s a senior engineering leader with significant experience in early-stage and scaling tech companies. He’s worked in fintech, healthtech, supply chain tech, and e-commerce. He’s led both product and development, and thrives in chaos and uncertainty. 

Looking for: Fractional opportunities where he can bring new products to market, hire, increase developer productivity and transform low-performing teams to high-performing teams by introducing and improving processes. 

Capacity: Please inquire.

Chief Financial Officer

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Background: He’s a strong CFO who started in the oil & gas industry, then led the finance department for a Western Canadian bank for 12 years before moving into a CFO role at a fin-tech startup that hit unicorn status after just 2 years. Now he advises seed, series A and series B companies on scaling-up, financial planning, accounting, corporate governance, banking/investor negotiations, people/talent, and risk management services.

Looking for: Startup, scaling and growth companies looking to bring on CFO expertise.

Capacity: Please inquire. 

VP Sales

Location: Ottawa, ON

Background: He started his career in enterprise sales environments like Oracle and Salesforce. Then he joined a 13-person startup as a player/coach sales leader. He developed a $1.5M pipeline, landed their largest client, built their revenue operations department and grew the sales team to 12 within the first 18 months. He supported them through their acquisition (as the acquiree). 

Looking for: Fractional sales leadership roles, happy to be hands-on selling as well. 

Capacity: Please inquire. 

VP People & Culture

Location: Vancouver, BC

Background: Strategic People & Culture leader and builder. From financial services to scaling tech companies, this leader has seen every stage (Seed --> Series B, Series D --> Profitable, Public, etc).


She enjoys building from scratch and acting as a strategic coach and business partner to executive teams. This leader has experience leading P&C programs from ideation through implementation and wrapping them all up with effective change management communications. Her expertise also ensures the appropriate timing of P&C initiatives to align with a company's path to profitability.


With a keen understanding of how to maximize employee experience, she's led organizations to be recognized by several employee experience awards and 'Best Place to Work in Canada' categories:  Best Startup, Best Place for Professional Development, Best Place to Work in Canada top 30 List, and more.

Looking for: Fractional People & Culture leadership roles.

Capacity: Please inquire. 

Product Leader

Location: Toronto, ON 

Background:  Seasoned product leader with over 15 years experience building new digital products for companies as a consultant and within enterprises. Her expertise lies in 0 to 1 and 1.0 to product-market fit: most recently she scaled a product from $0 to $21M ARR. This leader helps businesses gain market traction by leveling up product teams on strategy, execution and the craft of product management. Areas of expertise include: B2C & B2B2C products; particularly eCommerce & marketplaces

Looking for:  Fractional, consulting or advisory opportunities to help early stage companies grow revenue through improving their product & their people.

Capacity: Please inquire.

Chief Marketing Officer

Location: Waterloo, ON

Background: She has over 20 years of marketing expertise from large, medium, and early-stage startup tech companies (she's seen it all!). She's experienced scale from 0 to $150M ARR, leading marketing teams in both hardware and software companies. She'd led brand, growth marketing, marketing communications, product marketing, and more. She has significant fintech, B2B, and B2B2C experience.

Looking for: B2B SaaS companies looking for support in branding, social media, PR, and marketing communications

Capacity: Please inquire.

VP Revenue & Customer Experience

Location: Vancouver, BC

Background: He’s a revenue-focused leader and angel investor who’s lived and worked in global markets. He’s laser-focused on revenue growth and revenue protection: He’s led Customer Service, Account Management and Sales teams in high-growth SaaS companies. Now, he’s an investor and advisor to early stage startups.

Looking for: Helping growth-stage SaaS companies build their GTM strategy and revenue playbooks. Specifically, companies in the 0-$5M, $10-$20M, and $20-$50M stages.

Capacity: Please inquire.

Chief Financial Officer

Location: Toronto, ON

Background: He has over 15 years of experience leading, managing and growing finance functions in high-growth entrepreneurial businesses. He’s worked in M&A and corporate finance for top-tier financial institutions and as the CFO of rapidly growing startups through scale and exit.


He was previously the Finance lead for one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in Canada, where he played an instrumental role in building a finance team, raising growth capital, and leading the organization to a $1 billion exit to an International Private Equity firm. He’s worked in private equity and venture capital as a lead deal investor in early stage and late stage deals. He currently runs a fractional CFO and accounting services firm, supporting tech orgs, nonprofits and investment holdcos.

Looking for: Startups and scaleups looking for advisory or fractional finance and accounting leadership.

Capacity: Please inquire.

People & Culture Leader

Location: Montreal, Quebec 

Background: She’s been in the People, HR and Talent space for 15 years, spending the last decade in high-growth scaling as well as supporting earlier-stage startups with their people & culture needs. She specializes in recruitment, compensation, culture, performance management, leadership & coaching, DEI, M&A and global expansion, and employment law. 

Looking for: Startup, scaling and growth companies.

Capacity: Please inquire. 

VP Engineering

Location: Vancouver, BC

Background: She’s led teams up to 250 people but her sweet spot is helping companies scale their eng team from 50-100+. She enjoys building tracks for scalability. She’s worked in both B2C and B2B organizations in gaming, e-commerce, and SaaS brand management.


She’s a strong people and process leader who supports scaling companies with problems such as: trouble with software practices, releases not going out, product scalability, quality issues, productivity and prioritization. If you’re looking to speed up your eng team, increase quality and make outputs predictable, she can help. 

Looking for: Fractional engineering leadership and/or consulting opportunities 

Capacity: Please inquire. 

VP Finance

Location: Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario

Background: Strategic finance leader with deep experience in software/hardware high-growth organizations. Started in public accounting, and has been with many scaling tech companies since. Enjoys the business & operations of growing a business. Very strong on the controllership, operations and FP&A sides of the business. Has transactional experience and looking for more opportunities to lead those initiatives moving forward.

Looking for: Fractional finance leadership role(s). Enjoys building out models, with the lens of how to help & grow a business. 

Capacity: Please inquire. 

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