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What We Do

Executive Search for
Canada's Fastest Growing Tech Companies

Artemis is the go-to executive recruitment partner for tech start-ups and scale-ups in communities across Canada.

We understand the scale-up journey.

We know what it takes to build a strong business and have been trusted to build the senior teams of many of today's most impressive tech start-ups and scale-ups.

We leave no stone unturned in our relentless pursuit of talent. 

As a boutique search firm, our team responds to the unique needs of agile and fast-moving companies. We leverage a deep network or leaders and investors, a skilled research team and tools that provide rigour and transparency.

While based in Canada, our global reach serves clients worldwide.

From Waterloo to Silicon Valley to London and beyond, we connect you with top executive candidates internationally.

Founded by Kristina McDougall in 2013, Artemis Canada was built to connect the founders of Canada's fastest-growing tech companies with the leaders who could propel their growth and success.

We operate with a dedication to building strong teams that are diverse, ambitious and focused on enriching their teams, customers and communities.

Roles We Fill

We focus on identifying and delivering individuals who compliment the team, who have deep experience in critical stages of growth or change, who have unique domain expertise and knowledge, and who can deliver immediate and real value.



We help our clients hire across CxO, VP, and Director-level, across all functions in a scaling tech business. 

Strategic Roles:

We also can help our clients hire up and coming leaders and highly specialized professionals for critical roles.

Fractional/Interim/Advisory Leaders:

We have an incredible roster of talented tech leaders who have successfully scaled tech businesses. They represent a cross section of domains and functions.


Some Fun Facts & Stats:

Over the 10+ years since Artemis was founded, we’ve been measuring the quality and efficiency of our work.

Quality: We narrowly target to get an ideal fit quickly and aim to introduce a handful of exceptionally qualified options. We’re proud to maintain an average of 5-6 candidates introduced for every offer presented. 

Efficiency: We typically introduce the first 2-3 candidates within 3 weeks of kicking off a search. We continue research, fine-tuning, continued networking and recruitment until we are in the final selection stages.

Results: More than 93% of presented offers are accepted. As hiring teams work towards the start-date, we ensure that they and the candidate are ready for a successful onboarding transition

Our Values

Passion and Performance

We are driven by a desire to deliver results that exceed expectations. We are passionate about the success of our clients and this drives us to be creative, diligent and to never settle for ‘good enough’.


Authenticity & Trust

We always represent ourselves, our clients and our candidates with transparency. We are genuine and trustworthy.


Always Add Value

We deliver value in every interaction, focusing on long term personal relationships, rather than transactions.


Do the Right Thing

We are aligned with the success of our clients and the success of the individual leaders we work with. We accept the great responsibility that we are entrusted with and know that when we do the right thing, results will follow.


Wellness and Caring

We care for our teammates, and do what we can to ensure the personal and professional success of everyone in the group.


Our Focus is our Strength

We partner exclusively with the leaders of growing technology companies, delivering innovative recruitment solutions to build inspired executive and strategic teams.  We understand the requisite skills needed for scale-up success and true innovation.

We believe that the key to a successful venture lies in the alignment of a strong team and a shared passion. We measure our success by the accomplishments of our clients & these partners are doing incredible things.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We only work with clients who value diversity in their teams - at all levels - and who are ready to put in the effort to build companies that are inclusive and that foster a sense of belonging for all teammates.


We aim to identify and introduce top candidates from diverse groups, which takes effort but is always worth it. Over the past 2 years, more than 50% of the leaders we’ve placed are from underrepresented groups.


We give straightforward feedback to our clients, and provide resources to ensure that role design, selection process, offer structure and onboarding are all done with inclusion and equity as a priority.

Our Process

We approach both non-confidential and confidential searches consistently. However, we approach confidential searches with additional guardrails to protect and honour your organization’s request for confidentiality.

Discovery & Consultation:

This is the most critical stage of our process. We spend time with founders and key members of your team, developing an understanding of your history, your vision, your plans for growth and the unique dynamics of your culture.  We get to know your stories, your team, and the challenges and opportunities that you face. We will share our experience and insights and may challenge your assumptions. 


We can then prepare to be your ambassador to candidates, and also see potential fit through your eyes. 


We spend time understanding why a new hire is needed, what they’ll be doing and how their success and impact will be measured. From this, we help to refine your position description both as a marketing and communication tool, and a means to ensure consistent language and evaluation throughout the process.


We know that designing an efficient, collaborative and inclusive selection process is critical to the search’s success. Identifying who is involved, what each step will achieve and how we’ll align all decision-makers will help ensure an ideal outcome for both the company and the candidates in the process.

Planning and Research:

All of our searches require intensive research into the unique talent market, along with a high-touch and relationship-based approach to the entire recruitment process. We have the advantage of an extensive network across the tech communities in Canada and into the US - so we leverage this and conduct new research to uncover the top talent in relevant regions, vertical markets and specific companies. 


Although the majority of our clients are Canadian, every search encompasses talent markets across tech communities in Canada and the major US technology centres. 

The Expat Network: Since 2016 we’ve been actively developing a network of experienced Canadians who have relocated to the US and abroad. We regularly tap into this network to identify candidates who bring very unique global experience, who may be ready to come home and who would not otherwise be on the radar of a Canadian scale-up.

Directly Engaging Candidates & Delivering your Message: 

We are your brand ambassadors. We carry your company story and the leadership opportunity to a finite pool of individuals in your industry. We know this is a serious responsibility. We set out to build the best possible teams, and this starts with trusted and authentic relationships with each candidate. 


We tell your story and also spend time listening to the history, motivations and needs of each candidate. This enables us to position your opportunity in the best light, but also ensures that the best match is made for your team.

Candidate Assessment:

We engage with a targeted mix of candidates, not only getting them excited about an opportunity, but most importantly ensuring ideal fit for both the candidate and your team. 


We spend significant time with each candidate, engaging in frank conversations about their experience, their values, their motivations and the unique skills and strengths that they might bring to your team. Additional insight comes from formal and informal references. 


Each candidate is assessed on factors that we’ve defined together, so profiles are easy to compare and assess as a team. Complete candidate profiles, assessments, notes and rankings are accessible on a shared portal, for transparency into our process and effective decision-making.


Managing the Process & Ensuring the Best Outcome: 

We own the candidate experience on your behalf. We will work with your team to ensure that you have a selection process that is designed to effectively identify whether each individual candidate has the requisite skills, experience, leadership style and motivations to meet goals. 


After every interview, we connect with the candidate and hiring team to talk through concerns or areas of uncertainty. We then work with your team to ensure that every decision maker (including the candidate!) has an opportunity to assess fit. We believe in a selection process that is efficient and also ensures a confident and correct decision. With transparency and a relationship focus throughout the evaluation and negotiation process, we ensure the best outcome for both company and candidate.  


As we work towards start-date, we ensure that the team is ready for a successful executive onboarding, with aligned expectations for the first 30-36-90 days and beyond.

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