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What We Do

Executive Search for the Innovation Economy

Artemis Canada is the go-to executive recruitment partner for scaling tech companies globally.

We know what it means to grow and scale.

We know what it takes to build a strong business and have been trusted to build the senior teams of many of today's most impressive tech start-ups and scale-ups.

We leave no stone unturned in our relentless pursuit of talent. 

As a boutique search firm, our team responds to the unique needs of agile and fast-moving companies. We leverage a deep network or leaders and investors, a skilled research team and tools that provide rigour and transparency.

While based in Canada, our global reach serves clients worldwide.

From Waterloo to Silicon Valley to London and beyond, we connect you with top executive candidates internationally.

Founded by Kristina McDougall in 2013, Artemis Canada has been a trusted partner in the tech recruitment industry, specializing in Executive Search for the Innovation Economy.

With a team of ten, we've grown and scaled alongside our clients, expanding our global tech network while nurturing long-standing partnerships with our earliest supporters. We've proudly placed thousands of leaders globally.


Roles We Fill

Our search work is a blend of:

Executive Search:

  • Engagements for the recruitment of key functional leaders (C-level, VP, Director) across Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Engineering, Customer Success, Operations, Finance, and HR. 

Strategic Search:

  • Exclusive engagements for mid-level leaders or individual contributors where talent is scarce and the impact is critical (product marketing, product management, strategic sales, technical architects, customer success, talent, etc).

Confidential Search:

  • You require the discreet acquisition of a high-calibre professional crucial for a pivotal role in your organization.

  • You seek a recruitment ally who can adeptly and confidentially pinpoint and attract top-tier talent, ensuring a seamless and confidential addition to your team.

Fractional Search:

  • The recruitment of specialized professionals on a part-time or project basis; accessing expertise as needed while optimizing resource allocation

Our Focus is our Strength

We partner exclusively with the leaders of growing technology companies, delivering innovative recruitment solutions to build inspired executive and strategic teams.  We understand the requisite skills needed for scale-up success and true innovation.

We believe that the key to a successful venture lies in the alignment of a strong team and a shared passion. We measure our success by the accomplishments of our clients & these partners are doing incredible things.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We only work with clients who value diversity in their teams - at all levels - and who are ready to put in the effort to build companies that are inclusive and that foster a sense of belonging for all teammates.


We are constantly learning and strive in every search to ensure that we seek out a truly diverse mix of candidates. We give straightforward feedback to our clients, and provide resources to ensure that role design, selection process, offer structure and onboarding are all done with inclusion and equity as a priority.

Our Team

Our team is located in Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto, Ontario. 


We partner with tech companies globally, leveraging a wide network of experienced leaders with expertise and experience in growing successful businesses. 

Our Values

Like you, our work is driven by a core set of values: 

  • Passion and Performance

  • Authenticity and Trust

  • Always Add Value

  • Do the Right Thing 

  • Wellness and Caring

Our Process


We engage with your team to comprehend your history, vision, growth plans, and the distinct dynamics of your culture. We familiarize ourselves with your stories, your team, and the challenges and opportunities you encounter.


This enables us to effectively represent your organization to candidates and view potential fit from your perspective. We assist in refining your position description, ensuring it serves as a compelling marketing and communication tool while maintaining consistent language and evaluation throughout the process.


All of our searches require intensive research into the unique talent market, along with a high-touch and relationship-based approach to the entire recruitment process. We have the advantage of an extensive global network that we leverage while also conducting new research to uncover the top talent in relevant regions, vertical markets and specific companies.  

Directly Engaging Candidates & Delivering your Message: 


As your brand ambassador, we take the responsibility of conveying your company story and leadership opportunity to a select group within your industry. We prioritize building exceptional teams, which begins with establishing trustworthy and genuine connections with every candidate. We not only communicate your story but also invest time in understanding the candidate's background, motivations, and requirements. This approach allows us to present your opportunity in the most favourable manner while ensuring the best possible match for your team.

Candidate Evaluations:


We aim to attract and engage exceptional candidates while ensuring an ideal fit for both them and your business. We conduct multiple informal interviews with candidates, evaluating their experience, capabilities, leadership style, values, and motivators. We also gather insights from formal and informal references.

Managing the Process & Ensuring the Best Outcome: 


We prioritize the candidate experience and act as your representatives throughout the evaluation and negotiation process, ensuring favourable outcomes for both the company and the candidate. We invest significant time with each candidate, presenting a comprehensive evaluation including motivations and fit considerations. Our target is to present a handful of highly qualified, diverse, and motivated candidates. We facilitate an efficient selection process that allows all decision makers, including the candidate, to confidently assess fit. Our offer negotiation processes are transparent and focused on achieving the best outcomes.

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