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Frequently Asked Questions

We prioritize the relationships we build with our clients and candidates.

We've compiled a set of frequently asked questions as a helpful resource to assist you in our collaboration.


We're here to help, so please don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

  • What is your approach to transparency? Do you have a client portal that we can access?
    Yes, indeed! When you initiate a search with us, you'll gain access to our client portal. There, you can view all the candidates we're actively pursuing, engaging with, and interviewing. The portal allows you to review both our notes and assessments, and even contribute your own. Alternatively, for clients who prefer not to log in or are pressed for time, we provide a weekly search summary outlining our progress.
  • Will the search consultant that I am paired with be the same consultant who is engaging with candidates?
    Absolutely! We prioritize clear communication in client and candidate interactions. The recruiter you work with directly engages with candidates, avoiding any communication gaps. Even when multiple consultants are involved in your search, all consultants will communicate with you and the candidates. This approach allows us to leverage our network effectively while maintaining consistency in candidate evaluation and ensuring a fair interview process for all. The portal allows you to review both our notes and assessments, and even contribute your own. Alternatively, for clients who prefer not to log in or are pressed for time, we provide a weekly search summary outlining our progress.
  • What is your approach to candidate experience?
    Candidate experience is paramount to us. We prioritize honesty, transparency, and respect throughout the entire process. We ensure clear communication about the opportunity and the interview stage, never stringing candidates along. Aligning compensation expectations from the start, we conduct follow-up calls after each interview to gather feedback. We provide regular updates and promptly close the loop with candidates if it's not a fit. Rest assured, we have even had anxious moments of waking up worried about forgetting to follow up with a candidate (but not often, because we're good like that).
  • What is your recruiting approach and how are you differentiated?
    We’re a low-volume, “high-touch” search firm. Our consultants typically work on just a few searches at a time. This is intentional. By doing this, we can move fast, treat candidates with respect (no ghosting here!) and dedicate ourselves fully to our searches. We expect every search we begin to result in a successful hire. We’re female-founded and female-led. We ensure our candidate pipelines represent candidates from all backgrounds, stages, and walks of life. We are a small team, operating in tight-knit tech ecosystems. Our business has grown through referrals and with many repeat clients, because we focus on the long-term success of our clients and of the leaders we help them hire. We vehemently believe in doing the right thing. If we spot red flags in candidates or clients, we’ll call it out and attempt to resolve it. We believe in transparency and honesty: we always accurately represent our clients, job opportunities and our candidates.
  • What roles do you specialize in?
    Executive Search: C-level, VP, and Directors across all functional areas. Strategic Search: Exclusive engagements for mid-level leaders or scarce talent at a senior individual contributor level. Fractional Search: Recruiting specialized professionals on a part-time or project basis. We’re your go-to partners for any roles that require targeted headhunting efforts. Looking for a unicorn? A needle in a haystack? Let’s chat.
  • Will I be paired with a specialized consultant that has experience with the role we’re looking for?
    Certainly! We match consultants to specific searches based on their expertise, ensuring you receive the most knowledgeable support. Your lead consultant will always be involved, and we may involve additional consultants with specialized knowledge when needed. At Artemis, we excel at internal collaboration. Our entire team actively contributes to every search, providing insights, and ideas, and suggesting candidates from our network for roles assigned to other consultants. Essentially, you benefit from the expertise of nine consultants per role!
  • Do you have any market insights or salary info you can share?
    You bet! We jam-pack our blog with market insights and salary snapshots. While the salary snapshots are based on a point-in-time, our recruiters share live salary updates with clients. If we work on a search together, your client portal will share real-time salary data based on your specific search!
  • Can you share some stats on your average results?
    In the last two years… - On average, per search: We share 4 candidates, 3 are interviewed, and 1 gets the offer and successful placement - 96% of candidates who get an offer, accept it. - We’ve helped our clients find leaders in 23 different functions/expertise types. The most popular were: Engineering, Product Management, Marketing, Sales, HR and Finance. - Our most popular industries are Artificial Intelligence and Fintech/Payments. - 45% of our searches were from repeat clients! Of the repeat clients, 53% did 3 or more searches with us over a 2-year period.
  • Where is your focus geographically?
    Artemis’ story began in Waterloo, Ontario and quickly expanded from there. A decade later, we now work with clients and candidates across Canada, the United States, and EMEA. In fact, ⅓ of our searches in 2022 were focused on global markets!
  • We’re hoping to hire leaders in another country. How does that work?
    We’ve helped many companies hire leaders outside their incorporated country! We recommend you consult a lawyer on the specifics of the country you have in mind. Our clients also work with service providers like Communitech’s Outpost or directly with Deel who act as Employer-of-Records and can help to facilitate a visa process if needed, payroll and benefits to your employees abroad.
  • Do you offer any pro bono support?
    Yes! We partner with our good friends at The Accelerator Centre, Communitech and the Canadian Women’s Network. Through these partnerships, we offer pro-bono support to their member companies. This includes things like: job description reviews, hiring strategy sessions, and general market insights and talent/hiring advice. If you’re part of another startup community and would like our support, reach out to us! You might become the catalyst of another great partnership.
  • Can you offer any flexibility on payment terms? Are you open to equity?
    We’re open to having these conversations, so please inquire! We understand the trade-off when it comes to balancing your cash position, and oftentimes we are helping either before or after a raise happens, where things can look drastically different. Our clients’ success is our success and we enjoy having the ability to show our support by betting on your businesses by becoming shareholders.
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