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Artemis Update- February 2024

March on! Join us for moves and money, new funding and new leadership roles. Spring is a time for optimism and abundance, and we’re abundantly optimistic!


What's your Pay?  Have your Say!

We're taking our Salary Snapshot series to the next level – and we want you to be a part of it! We've crafted an exclusive tech salary survey to bring you even more comprehensive and trusted compensation insights.

Here's the drill: Invest 2 minutes in candidly completing our anonymous survey.  We'll aggregate, analyze, then deliver the results directly to your inbox. 

Hiring or employing workers in Ontario? There's a law coming that you should probably know about.  Bill 149 and Ontario's Pay Transparency Act, aims to enhance job market transparency and equity by requiring employers to disclose pay ranges in job postings and addresses the use of AI in hiring. Let's dive into these proposed changes, their impact, and why we think they are probably a good thing.


Founding Product Designer - AI Automation - North America (Remote) - Email to learn more

Senior Product Management Role - High-Performance Computing - Canada (EST/Remote) - Email to learn more  

VP of Engineering - B2SMB SaaS - Toronto (Hybrid) - Email to learn more 

Director of Accounting - Hardware/Software/Manufacturing - KW - Email to learn more

Confidential CFO - Private Equity Experience Required - Toronto - Email to learn more

Confidential CTO/CPO - Digital Marketing - Remote - Email to learn more

Founding Research Engineer - Reinforcement Learning - Remote/Toronto - Email to learn more 

Coming Soon

Start-Up CEO - Warehouse Automation - KW - Email to learn more

Finance Manager Digital Transformation - Robotics - KW/Remote - Email to learn more

Head of Sales - Supply Chain Tech - Remote - Email to learn more Head of Customer Experience - Wealthtech - Remote - Email to learn more 



March 8th is International Women’s Day! As a female-founded and led team, we are grateful for your support year-round as we advocate and celebrate diversity and inclusion in tech. In the spirit of IWD - here are some of our DEI resources:

  • Our Recruitment IDEA Toolkit brings an equity lens to every step of the recruiting process with robust tools and best practices for recruiting with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as a top priority

  • Salary Snapshots break down diversity in leadership salaries

  • Immigrants of Tech highlights diverse experiences within our tech communities


Since launching our fractional network, we've built a spectacular roster of leaders from finance, to technology, to sales and marketing, to product, operations, strategy, HR/Talent and more. If you're a founder looking to add top-notch leadership to your team for a fraction of the cost, let's chat. Spotlight: Our Fractional Leader of the Month

Title: Fractional Finance Leader

Location: GTA

Background: He's a seasoned finance leader who's lived and worked in global markets (Middle East, EU, US, Canada). He's worked in venture capital and for VC-backed B2B tech companies in various industries: biometric payments, fintech, adtech and procurement tech to name a few. He's also worked in innovation consulting, general and specialized insurance, automotive, media, software development and manufacturing. While he supports all facets of finance, he often specializes in growth analysis (M&A/Greenfield) and FP&A.

Looking for: Fractional finance leadership role with high growth companies

Email to learn more Psst. Looking for another skill set? Check out previously featured fractional leaders. From CTOs to CFOs, Customer Experience to Sales/Revenue, Marketing or HR leaders - our roster has exceptional talent across all functions!


As we enter our 11th year supporting growing tech start-ups and scale-ups, we are excited to announce that our dedication to the ecosystem spans both human capital and financial capital. Our team has worked with several of our early-stage founders, extending our partnership into angel investment.  And recently our founder Kristina McDougall, and Senior Executive Recruitment Consultant Steph Hector have taken on additional commitments as Angel Investors and Advisors.

  • Kristina McDougall has joined Golden Triangle Angel Network (GTAN) as an investor and their 100th member! Kristina has spent 20+ years committed to growing KW's tech sector as a trusted recruitment partner, making this an exciting next step in her journey of supporting Canadian entrepreneurs and leaders. Congratulations Kristina! 

  • Steph Hector has elevated her partnership with Astrus, a visionary company dedicated to revolutionizing the semiconductor and microchip industry through the incorporation of cutting-edge AI. The problem space and technology not only capture her interest but also showcases tremendous potential for transformative impact. Astrus' commitment to excellence and ongoing expansion with top-tier talent further solidify the appeal of this investment. She is excited to continue this journey alongside a number of investors such as Khosla Ventures, 1517 Fund, RiSC Capital and more.


  • ArcTern raises $335M from big institutions for third climate-focused fund. Read More Here 

  • The Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (CVCA) released Looking Into 2024: The Canadian VC and PE Market Outlook. Read More Her 

  • Q4 Inc. delists from TSX as Sumeru Equity Partners buyout closes. Read More Here 

  • Northleaf Capital Partners completes final close of $285M CAD growth equity fund. Read More Here

  • Aerospace accelerator ready for launch at Waterloo region’s airport. Read More Here 

  • SVB strikes $50M debt deal with Toronto fintech Float. Read More Here 

  • Staircase Ventures announces first four investments. Read More Here 

  • Lightspeed founder Dax Dasilva returns as CEO in management shakeup move to win back investors. Read More Here

  • Golden Ventures closes nearly $140M CAD for fifth seed stage VC fund. Read More Here

  • Zum Railz takes in first capital to launch new banking as-a-service, FedNow offerings. Read More Here


KW/Toronto/Canada tech funding powered by our friends at - Alberta | AI | $1.5M

Code - Waterloo Region | FinTech | $6.5M

Float - Toronto | FinTech | $50.0M

Sibli - Quebec | FinTech | $6.1M

Evercloak - Waterloo Region | NanoTech | $2.0M

Armilla AI - Toronto | Platform | $6.1M

Helika - Toronto | Games | $10.8M

Zūm Rails - Quebec | FinTech | $10.5M


Send us your questions about hiring and retaining top talent in tech!

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