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The Artemis Update- June 2021

Your Double Dose of Tech Moves and News!

All The Moves:

Masterclass opens new Canadian HQ in Waterloo and welcomes James Spere, Head of Product, Canada and Matt Elgie, Head of Engineering, Canada

Cheli Nolan joins Relay Financial as their Head of Talent

Craig Walford is now COO at P&P Optica

Sarah Bettencourt former Chief People & Culture Officer at Lightspeed, joins Clio as their Chief People Officer

Caily Reid is now the AVP of Partner Marketing at Geotab

Jason Yacey is now head of Global Sales at Autonomous.ai

Sebastien Provencher is now SVP Product at Joist

Elevate is bringing on former Bell Media president Randy Lennox as its Executive Chair as co-founder and CEO Razor Suleman joins Pacaso International as President.

Lindsay Rutledge, former Director of Operations and Strategy joins Properly as VP of Strategy

Jay Hedges joins HR4 as their Chief Executive Officer

James Kurz joins Thentia Cloud as their new Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

What We’re Working On:

VP People- Fintech/Scale-Up

VP Drives- Cleantech/Hardware- Kitchener-Waterloo

VP Machines- Cleantech/Hardware-Kitchener-Waterloo

VP Simulation- Cleantech/Hardware-Kitchener-Waterloo

VP Engineering- Compliance/ Risk Management, SaaS

VP Sales- Compliance/ Risk Management, SaaS

Head of Development- Early Stage, Digital Freight Network

Head of Customer Success- SaaS/ Career Development

Head of Marketing- B2C, SaaS/Community

Head of Engineering- HealthTech/Community Startup

Director of Innovation - HealthTech/Patient Engagement

Director of Product Management- B2B SaaS

Data Architect - Loyalty/Digital Currency

Product Design Manager- FinTech Scale-Up

Product Marketing Manager- Network Technologies

Technical Marketing Manager- Engineering/Edtech

Product Marketing Manager- EdTech

Software Lead- Robotics

Humans of Tech

Meet Nicholas Armstrong!

Chief Technology Officer at MarshallZehr

We chat about designing a diverse and transparent interview process, bringing an innovation culture to more traditional industry, and solving "people" problems!