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Product Design Manager- NorthOne


At Northone, we're building a product that solves real pain vs the imagined kind. NorthOne is a mobile, tech-powered account built for startups, freelancers, and small/medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Small businesses are the bedrock of every community, and as a Design leader you'll be their champion! We're looking Design leader to help create design direction, drive a high performing team and define the design roadmap.


Who Is NorthOne& How Are They Changing The World? 


NorthOne is a mobile, tech-powered account built for startups, freelancers, and small/medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Poor financial literacy has an outsized impact on the costs and failure rates amongst SMBs, especially among the marginalized and less fortunate, and we are on a mission to eliminate these problems. We are more than a banking platform – we are the world-class Finance Department that most small businesses could never afford.

Our company’s purpose is to eliminate the pain that small business owners face through financial management and banking. To achieve this, we’re rebuilding business banking from the ground up. Imagine you could start with a clean slate and think of a different way to deliver banking to small businesses. What would you change? How can you help them? These are the decisions that we make every day.

How Will I Make An Impact?


  • You’re passionate about building teams and culture. You’re collaborative, egoless, and someone who can inspire a team.

  • You geek out over design ops - enforcing strong team performance, health, and quality of delivery through strong organization, project management, prioritization and overall design-led culture.

  • You’re a master at leading and driving productive design feedback and review sessions. You know what other designers need to improve their work.

  • You’re product-minded, strategic, and care deeply about customer feedback.

  • You’re experienced in creating processes that improve design quality and efficiency.

  • You’re an expert at partnering with product managers and other cross-functional teams to deliver world-class product experiences that drive value for the customer.

  • You’re able to set the standard for the team and have a track record of working on top-tier customer facing products - with an unparalleled bar for quality.

  • You’re not only a strong designer, but equally skilled at articulating how and why design matters.

How Do I Know If This Is For Me?


We ❤️ design, and our product team is growing rapidly. You’ll work with our world-class product managers, product designers, researchers and engineers to help shape the NorthOne product and team. This is the first hire of its kind at NorthOne and the potential for growth is big! Reporting to our Head of Product, you’ll benefit from our experienced management team, who have already created and exited startups and come from leadership roles at brands like Square, McKinsey, Google, Frank and Oak, Strava, Instacart, Prodigy, eBay and more.

We’re building a product that solves real pain vs the imagined kind. Small businesses are the bedrock of every community and of the American economy, and you’ll be their champion. Ready to start? 

Today you might be a Lead Product Designer, Director of Product Design, Senior Product Designer or the equivalent in your company… or something that we haven’t heard of yet - we keep an open mind.

The most important characteristic for our Manager, Product Design is your attitude. We want you to join because you don't see roadblocks, you see opportunities to be at your best and bring out the best in your team. You know that somehow, you can figure anything out. 

Bonus points:

  • You’ve worked at a fast-growing startup

  • You've had experience doing product marketing for a world-class mobile app

  • Love of all things FinTech

Few people have been trained for this sort of role. If you are this close to what we’ve described but aren’t sure, apply. Let’s figure out together if this is where you could shine.


Our Ideal Candidate Looks Like:

  • You've helped create design direction for a fast scaling company, or taken an awesome brand to the next level (consumer brands strongly preferred).

  • You’ve led a team at a fast-growing startup or similar company.

  • You geek out over technology and/or FinTech.

We understand, accept, and value the differences between people of different backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, ages, beliefs, and abilities.  We aim to create an inclusive environment and encourage diverse individuals to apply.


If this sounds like you or you have someone to recommend, send a note to

Does this sound exciting to you?
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