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Tech For Good - Doctalk

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

It’s client love time, where we highlight one of our incredible clients: what they do, why we’re excited to partner with them, the good they’re putting into the world, and what we're working on together!



Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Toronto, with staff working virtually across Canada.

What do they do?

Doctalk was founded by a physician, for physicians. Founder, Dr. Mason Ross, has had a front-row seat to how challenging medical practice can be on physicians and wanted to start a company focused on making physicians’ lives easier. Better workflow, where collaboration is often a cornerstone, is at the heart of how applications on Doctalk help physicians. MedAffairs Xchange is an example of an application that visualizes and improves the interaction between medical departments of life sciences companies and physicians to better understand complex pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device data to better treat patients, and achieve research and educational goals. PGYpal is an application that helps senior medical residents pass their licensing exam and provides a new approach to help them secure their ideal job in their preferred location. We love to see a startup challenging long-established norms to help physicians and, in turn, positively impact patient outcomes. “Happier doctors ultimately make for happier patients,” said Dr. Ross.

Our partnership origin story

Our partners at the Accelerator Centre introduced us to the Doctalk team in August 2022 when they realized they needed product expertise on their team. A startup’s first product hire will often start as an Individual Contributor, taking on a critical role in guiding the product roadmap. For Doctalk, this was their first time hiring someone in product to report to and work alongside the CEO. These types of high-stakes, highly-specific, needle-in-a-haystack roles are challenges we enjoy taking on. We placed Evan Bourns, now Product Lead at Doctalk. He’s a multi-disciplinary product lead and scrum master with a background in QA, customer success and product - the definition of ‘wearing multiple hats’.

We’re excited to continue helping Doctalk grow and achieve their mission of making physicians’ lives easier.

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