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It’s client love time, where we highlight one of our incredible clients: what they do, why we’re excited to partner with them, the good they’re putting into the world, and what we’re currently working on together!



Founded and headquartered in Vancouver, BC, with employees in BC, Ontario, and outposts in Tokyo, Japan, Oslo, Norway, and Barcelona, Spain

What do they do?

Kristoffer Vik Hansen, Josh Andrews, and Alexey Indeev founded Spare in 2015 with the vision of enabling anyone to plan, launch and analyze a smart transportation service…in one click.

From the environmental impact of empty seats in cars and the challenges faced by riders with disabilities, they saw inefficiencies and waste in the transportation system everywhere they looked. Fast forward to today and Spare is a leading provider of mobility software targeting paratransit and the B2B space (think: Uber for companies). Their platform lets transportation providers in both public and private sectors automate their network’s day-to-day on-demand mobility operations.

With an oversubscribed 18M Series A led by Inovia Capital, Spare is delivering a transportation system where people won’t have to choose between convenience, availability, and sustainability.

Our partnership origin story:

Our partnership began in early-2022. Like many of our partnerships, it began when a leader in our network provided a positive recommendation, knowing that the Artemis Canada team would be well-positioned to help this growing business.

Fresh on the heels of their Series A and hiring/scaling quickly, they were ready to hire their first HR/People leader. They needed a leader dedicated to people and culture; prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion from the ground up would be critical to their success as a business and to understanding their customer base (largely women and people with disabilities). On top of that, they needed someone to oversee (but also get in the weeds on) engagement, leadership development, compensation, and any other growing pains that emerged. We placed Mijay Pavon - a powerhouse people leader and a perfect fit for Spare’s stage and needs!

Since placing Mijay, we’ve also placed Spare’s very first VP Marketing, Lynda Chau! Lynda’s domain expertise + passion for transportation, mobility, and smart cities, in addition to her experience scaling B2B SaaS companies (and owning product positioning, demand gen, brand awareness, and more), made us believe that unicorns really do exist.

Together, this team is changing the face of transportation and mobility. Stay up to date with the Artemis Update for more to come from our partnership with Spare in the coming months!


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