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Diversity Hotlist- June/July 2022

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

In every leadership search we make an intentional effort to connect with and introduce a diverse mix of candidates. We’d like to introduce you to some of the incredible candidates who we’ve been working with as they look to navigate the next step in their career.

Here are a handful of candidates who we have met recently who are confidentially looking for their next move. Each has given us their permission to be featured on this list. Pop us a message to learn more.

Title: Senior/Group Product Manager

Diversity: Male, POC

Location: Toronto / open to remote

Background: Have experience with product-led-growth across acquisition, engagement, retention & monetization with high-volume B2C (subscription-based freemium social network, e-commerce) & B2B SaaS products. Have owned & grown metrics like free to premium conversion, speed to activation, MoM retention. Is a full-stack PM across discovery, execution & analytics.

Looking for: Companies where product teams are accountable for achieving revenue targets | Outcome focussed | Growth mindset

Contact Niv for more details.

Title: VP Finance/CFO

Diversity: Woman

Location: TO / Open to remote

Background: Has seen 1-30M and 100M+, with lots of great breadth in being a strategic finance leader. Has led raises, acquisitions & teams of varying sizes across finance/operations.

Looking for: A scale-up with big growth trajectory plans

Contact Leigh for more details.

Title: Director of Marketing

Diversity: Woman, POC

Location: GTA (open to remote)

Domain: SaaS, B2B start-up, Fintech expertise

Background: B2B digital marketing, owns strategy, budget, has experience managing teams, GTM strategy, launching new markets, scalable growth & retention, multi channel marketing

Looking for: Looking to join a company that has a strong product market fit & culture, wants past the seed stage, more stable, more diverse teams. Wants to find a long term home.

Contact Niv for more details.

​​Title: Sr Director Eng

Location: SF

Diversity: POC

Background: An engineering leader with ed-tech, eCommerce, and Enterprise B2B expertise. He considers himself a Technology --> People --> Process leader. Most recently he built a team of 40 (dispersed globally) and currently runs infrastructure, eCommerce, content management, cloud migration, security, every aspect of the application stack, and he also manages a QA team. He joined his current company via acquisition and he's ready for a new challenge!

Looking for: a high-impact, high-autonomy VP Engineering or VP Technology opportunity with a scale-up or larger, more established company. He enjoys building teams, setting and implementing long-term vision, and figuring out how to manage systems to scale and handle volume.

Contact Carly for more details.

Title: Sr QA Engineer

Diversity: POC and Woman

Location: Kitchener

Background: She has been a QA/test/FE Engineer since 2012. She has worked across industries - security, SaaS, fintech, hardware/software.

Looking for: A Sr QA or FE Eng role - she is domain agnostic.

Contact Erin for more details

Title: Sr Product Manager / Principal PM

Diversity: Male, POC, newcomer

Location: Toronto / open to remote / relocation

Background: Accomplished Product Leader with 11+ years of career and extensive management experience driving product strategies within SaaS & financial services. Proven track record of building strategic roadmaps & planning, prioritization, execution, customer research, launching new initiatives in a fast-paced environment. Demonstrated ability to lead a team and drive growth.

Looking for: Would like to be part of an impactful mission

Contact Niv for more details

The fine print :)

Once you let us know that you're interested in learning more, we will reach out to our candidate to get permission to share their profile in detail. We will also walk through the process of working with us for candidate introductions. No recruiting fees will be payable until/unless you hire someone introduced by the Artemis Canada team.

If you like the hotlist, we think you'll love the Recruitment IDEA Toolkit! A curated directory of resources and tools to help your business successfully fulfill your commitments to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility.


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