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Diversity Hotlist- May 2022

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

In every leadership search we make an intentional effort to connect with and introduce a diverse mix of candidates. We’d like to introduce you to some of the incredible candidates who we’ve been working with as they look to navigate the next step in their career.

Here are a handful of candidates who we have met recently who are confidentially looking for their next move. Each has given us their permission to be featured on this list. Pop us a message to learn more.

Sr Director of Product

Diversity: Female, POC

Location: Toronto, open to hybrid/remote

Domain expertise: edtech, fintech

Background: She's been a strategic Product leader for the last 4 years and currently leads a team of 7 PM's. Owns product vision, strategy and long-term roadmap. Runs the platform team that handles payments & identity, is responsible for the product life cycle - acquisition, growth, engagement, retention. Has experience building out scalable product management processes and frameworks, OKRs. Very data driven.

Looking for: Interested in joining a growth stage product led company

Contact Niv for more details

Director of Engineering

Diversity: Female, POC

Location: BC, open to hybrid/remote

Domain expertise: ecommerce, fintech

Background: They’ve been an Eng leader for 5+ years and have scaled teams from 3~30. They have mentored other people leaders and IC Engineers. They have worked on legacy products, and new product offerings.

Looking for: They’re passionate about building - and would love to join another scaling start-up.

Contact Erin for details

Sr Eng/Architect/Team lead

Diversity: Female, POC

Location: Nova Scotia, open to hybrid/remote

Domain expertise: Integrations/APIs, architecture, AI/ML

Background: They’ve been an Eng leader for 4+ years. They enjoy mentoring, but still really want to be hands-on and close to the code. They have worked on front-end, back-end and architecture - but their passion really lies in back-end/architecture and data.

Looking for: A role with a backend/data focus - open to both leadership and Sr IC

Contact Erin for details

Principal Software Engineer

Diversity: POC

Location: KW

Domain expertise: Banking/finance, e-commerce, retail, telcom, insurance

Background: Consultant; hands-on fullstack dev with UI experience. Tech: Java, Javascript/Typescript, Angular, Redux, AgGrid, Angular Material, Bootstrap, SpringBoot, NodeJS, ExpressJS, NestJS, TypeOrm, GraphQL, MongoDB, Mean JWT.

Looking for: Wants to move away from consulting and into a product org, ultimately wants to build out his tech repertoire to become technology agnostic so he can focus on solution architecture. Doesn't necessarily need to be in a solution architecture role next, but wants to be a role where he's learning new languages/frameworks, etc.

Contact Tara for more details

Product Manager / Ex-Founder

Diversity: Male, POC, New to Canada

Location: Toronto

Domain expertise: B2C Product Management

Background: Founder of 3 successful B2C startups; including an extremely successful app with more than 25 million users, an e-book app & a logistics platform. Recently moved to Canada to complete MBA

Looking for: Product Management roles in B2C- strategic roles with a focus on discovery, pain points, and features

Contact Ashley for more details

The fine print :)

Once you let us know that you're interested in learning more, we will reach out to our candidate to get permission to share their profile in detail. We will also walk through the process of working with us for candidate introductions. No recruiting fees will be payable until/unless you hire someone introduced by the Artemis Canada team.

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