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Diversity Hotlist- July/August 2022

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

In every leadership search we make an intentional effort to connect with and introduce a diverse mix of candidates. We’d like to introduce you to some of the incredible candidates who we’ve been working with as they look to navigate the next step in their career.

Here are a handful of candidates who we have met recently who are confidentially looking for their next move. Each has given us their permission to be featured on this list. Pop us a message to learn more.

Title: Head of Product

Diversity: POC

Location: Toronto / open to remote

Background: A builder and an entrepreneurial product leader with a passion for innovation. Proven expertise in early stage/ growth stage B2B SAAS start-ups (3 exits/ 2 in leadership roles). Have built product teams from scratch to scale (1st person to 20+team members ) including product leaders, Design and Data streams for product. Have seen $1M - $20M ARR growth stages across various startups. Currently managing a portfolio of 4 SAAS products and an ecosystem platform.

Looking for: Leadership role (Head/VP of product) at an early stage/growth stage startup. Looking to join an organization on a mission to innovate and change the landscape of the industry they are focusing on.

Contact Niv for more details.

Title: Marketing Leader

Location: KW / Open to remote

Diversity: Woman

Looking for: Mid size company: ~300-600 people. She wants to come in and help at a strategic level. Interested & has experience in product marketing, competitive intel, and complete marketing leadership. She’s now the Head of Marketing at a startup. She's looking for either a Sr Strategic IC role or a people leadership role - she's done and enjoys both. Contact Negin for more details.

Title: Talent Leader

Location: Toronto / Open to Remote

Diversity: Woman

Looking for: After seeing her current organization grow from 120 people to 500 people, and being acquired a few years ago, she’s ready to do it all over again. She’s looking to help another tech organization scale She currently leads recruiting, HR Ops, HR Business Partners. She has M&A experience from being both the acquirer and acquiree and both US + international experience. She’s led a total org of 15 with 5 direct reports. Engaged and innovative leader!

Contact Negin for more details.

Title: VP Sales

Location: Toronto / open to remote

Diversity: POC


Looking for: Another building role- Series A or Series B stage. Has had a retail/eCommerce and B2B focus. Very strong with partnerships, business development and building out the full sales organization at various stages of growth (startup, scale-up and larger).

Contact Leigh for more details.

Title: VP Product

Diversity: POC

Location: Toronto / open to remote

Background: Great experience in the retail/supply/analytics space. Open to trying a new domain, and analytics is their passion. Has done early-stage through to acquisition in the past, and is a true builder.

Looking for: Open to trying a new domain outside of retail, and analytics is their passion. Looking to join a scale-up and do a similar ride again.

Contact Leigh for more details.

Title: Director Engineering

Diversity: Woman

Location: West coast /open to remote

Background: Great experience in the B2B, ML and fintech space. She was the first Engineering Manager within her current org, and has helped them scale significantly (while growing in her own career/scope). She has been a change agent - leading the charge on building new processes across the entire business to make teams more efficient and to help them scale. She is an impact-focused and people-focused leader.

Looking for: Another building/scaling role where she can focus on the People-leadership side of engineering. Open to trying a new domain & is domain agnostic.

Contact Erin for more details.

The fine print :)

Once you let us know that you're interested in learning more, we will reach out to our candidate to get permission to share their profile in detail. We will also walk through the process of working with us for candidate introductions. No recruiting fees will be payable until/unless you hire someone introduced by the Artemis Canada team.

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