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Artemis Update- November 2022

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Artemis Canada. We hope this season brings you joy and relaxation as you create memories with loved ones.

The past few months have been challenging for many organizations. And while there is news of layoffs across tech ecosystems in Canada, many companies continue to hire. For those who have been impacted by the recent layoffs, Communitech continues to provide support with The Help List - a community-powered initiative that puts displaced Canadian tech workers in front of companies looking to hire. We're here to support too, please reach out so we can help to provide some guidance and market insights.


Lynda Chau joins Spare as VP Marketing

Greg Richards joins Skimmer as VP Marketing

Benjamin Matthews joins the Accelerator Centre as Vice President Operations

Trisha Mauro-Barnett joins Bond Brand Loyalty as SVP People and Values

Craig Hudson joins LumiQ as Chief Financial Officer

John Vandermay joins Seequent as Chief Technology Officer

Avrum Laurie is now Chief Product Officer at Felix

Alex Dougherty is now Director of Security at ecobee

Dorothy Comber joins ecobee as VP, Data Science


Head of Sales, NA - Customer Experience/AI- Toronto/GTA

VP People & Culture- eCommerce (Canada/Remote)

Product Marketing Manager - Security Software - Halifax or Remote (Canada)

Engineering Operations Leader - Loyalty SaaS- Toronto - Email to learn more

VP Growth Marketing - eComm/Retail - Ontario - Email to learn more

Coming soon-

COO- Enterprise Software- Canada- Email to learn more

COO- NFP/Cleantech- NA (Remote)- Email to learn more

Director of Customer Success - eComm/Retail - Ontario (Remote) - Email to learn more




In every leadership search, we make an intentional effort to connect with and introduce a diverse mix of candidates. We’d like to introduce you to some of the incredible candidates who we’ve been working with as they look to navigate the next step in their career.



Introducing our newest blog, Immigrants of Tech- a new monthly feature and spin-off from our 'Humans of Tech' series to focus on the inspiring stories of newcomers to our tech ecosystem.

This month we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Jay Krishnan, who we helped place as CEO of the Accelerator Centre. Join us in hearing more about Jay's story, his foray into entrepreneurship, what attracted him to Canada (and specifically Waterloo region!), and his advice for companies looking to hire newcomers.



It’s client love time, where we highlight one of our incredible clients: what they do, why we’re excited to partner with them, the good they’re putting into the world, and what we’re currently working on together!

Nfinite Nanotech is on a mission to bring sustainability to CPG companies (and help you snack sustainably, too!). Over 300M tonnes of plastic waste are produced each year. Less than 10% is actually recycled, and the rest ends up in landfills or the ocean.

Here’s why: Fully recyclable + compostable packaging doesn’t preserve food well, so CPG companies opt to use partially recyclable packaging and avoid compostable packaging. Nfinite Nanotech has the solution: They’ve created a thin nanocoating layer that CPG companies can add to fully compostable + recyclable packaging that preserves food freshness. Bonus: It’s easily integrated into existing production lines at high speed and low cost. In other words? Their nanocoating layer makes it feasible for CPG companies to use compostable/fully recyclable packaging. That means you can enjoy your fresh, crunchy chips and compost the bag after, knowing that the packaging won’t end up in oceans or landfills.

We are huge believers of the work this team is doing to fight the plastic crisis. That’s why we’ve partnered with the founders of Nfinite Nanotech (two Penn State and University of Waterloo grads) to help them build their team… stay tuned for next month, we’ll share some good news!


A trio of Canadian cities dominated the top 5 spots in CBRE’s North America Tech-30 2022 report. Waterloo, Ottawa and Calgary ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Federally-backed Climate Action and Awareness fund invests $58 million into 24 cleantech projects.

Miovision opens new US headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Weavesphere’s 2022 Tech Titans list names 20 tech leaders in Canada. This new award honours people in the tech ecosystem that have disrupted the industry through technology.

Ada, 1Password and Scotia Digital are all looking to hire engineers right now.

8 Canadian universities land in Pitchbook’s 2022 Top 100 schools for founders. The University of Waterloo keeps top spot for Canadian schools.


Canadian tech funding powered by

TouchBistro - Toronto | SaaS | $150.0M

Xanadu - Toronto | AI | $132.6M

RainStick - Toronto | Hardware | $3.0M

Alida - Toronto | SaaS | $79.5M

Cyclica - Toronto | BioTech | $2.4M

Private AI - Toronto | AI | $10.7M



Check out Communitech's upcoming leadership and development programs for Q1 that teach valuable human skills to help leaders- informal, new and experienced- build trust, strengthen communication and navigate the dynamics of an ever-evolving workplace.

Click here for the comprehensive list


The brand new issue of Disruption Magazine Canada is officially here! Dive in to see the top women-led startups to watch, how to create lasting diversity in the startup world, tons of funding resources and programs for founders, and a guest appearance by Artemis Canada, highlighting our Recruitment IDEA Toolkit!

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Send us your questions about hiring and retaining top talent in tech!

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