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You need a leader who can bring the best of start-up tech and innovation to your established enterprise. You need a partner who understands how to attract and hire the best innovators to transform your corporation.


You need a leader who can drive change in your business; someone who respects your strengths and knows what needs to be broken so that you can grow.

Companies like yours have partners with Artemis Canada to hire leaders to deliver these results:

  • Product Innovation and Prototype Development

    • From customer or market challenges in the existing business, development of innovative solutions leveraging cutting edge technologies

    • Accelerated development of ideas in an environment free of risk, ROI pressure or fear of failure

  • Culture Change 

    • shifting the company demographic - more diversity and inclusion; 

    • attracting a younger talent pool; 

    • introducing and normalizing new values including more risk taking, acceptance of experimentation and failure; 

    • inviting new ideas and challenging existing norms and legacy process

  • Ecosystem Sensing 

    • Identifying technology trends through connection with the start-up community

    • Connecting with start-ups for potential investment, partnership or technology acquisition

  • New Market Development

    • Identifying new market opportunities and for existing technologies 

  Past Searches 

General Motors

Head of Open Innovation

Director, Innovation Lab 

Royal Canadian Air Force

Innovation Lab Director

Manager AI Strategy 


Director of Innovation


Director of Innovation, FairVentures


Director of Innovation

Technical Manager, Innovation


Director, Innovation Lab 


Manager Innovation UX

Director of Innovation Lab 

Wawanesa Insurance

Director of Innovation Lab 


Director of Innovation 


Director of Data Insights and AI Innovation


Director of RED Innovation Lab 


Director of Innovation Lab 

Want to drive Innovation in your business? 

It starts with Talent, and we can help.

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