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Tech Women on the Move

In every leadership search we make an intentional effort to connect with and introduce a diverse mix of candidates. We know that a dedication to considering women for roles at all levels does not imply a compromise. Across all functions, you will find incredible women leading teams, but we all need to continue to make the effort to identify, hire and promote women.

To recognize International Women's Day we'd like to introduce you to some of the incredible women who we've been working with as they look to navigate the next step in their career.

We're sharing general profiles in this hotlist to protect confidentiality, but if you see a profile that interests you and you like to learn more, click the link. It will pop a note to the appropriate Artemis Canada teammate who can share more and help through next steps.

Marketing Leaders

Title: Performance Marketing Manager/Growth or Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Background: She's played a critical role in the success of growth/performance marketing in high growth fintech and SaaS orgs. She's experienced in managing paid social, search, programmatic, and app campaigns.

Location: GTA, open to remote

Looking for: Manager, senior manager roles in marketing, or pivoting into product. Enjoys working closely with founders and with a product. Passionate about B2C and SMB. Has led a team that grew to 5 people.

Title: Director of Marketing

Background: Experience in data-driven multi-channel digital marketing, building and managing high performing teams, driving demand generation and engaging e2e customer experiences. Experience with B2B & B2C, SEO, Social Media Marketing, brand building.

Location: GTA (open to remote)

Looking for: Open to Marketing leadership roles within a growing environment - really wants to coach a team/org again, enjoys creating digital experiences and is domain agnostic

Product Management

Title: Director of Product

Background: Experience with product vision & roadmap, establishing processes, market trends, competitive landscape, leading and scaling a team, understanding end-users needs and driving engagement, defining the product life cycle, experience with B2B & B2C

Location: GTA (open to remote)

Looking for: Open to Product leadership roles with a growth stage product led company that has an exciting mission


Title - Sr Director of Engineering

Background - Has led cloud engineering teams up to 20 and has previously had product-focused roles as well. Has worked at larger tech companies and smaller innovation environments.

Location - KW, open to remote

Looking for - Enjoys being in an environment where she is building something new and ambiguous.

Customer Experience

Title: Head of Customer Experience

Background: Scale-up B2B Saas experience with high growth companies, building out a team & process/structure. Most of her experience is in the retail Saas industry.

Location: Toronto

Looking for: Interested in B2C or B2B - wants a vision she can get behind; interested in partnerships as well.

HR/People Leaders

Title: VP, People

Background: She's led growth in SaaS companies and other industries. She's a strategic People and Culture/Operations leader - focused on innovation and doing things a little differently when it comes to all things People & Culture. She’s had great building experience - from fundamental HR needs, to scalable people programs (with a data focus)

Location: Florida (open to remote)

Looking for: Open to VP HR/VP People & Culture within a growing environment - really wants to scale a team/org again

Title: Director, People/HR

Background: Growth experience across tech/SaaS and other industries. Strategic People and Culture/Operations leader - has had great experience as a right-hand to an amazing CPO. Most recently has seen growth ~100-250 global headcount.

Location: GTA (open to remote)

Looking for: Open to Director HR/People & Culture within a growing environment

Title: Chief People Officer

Background: Strategic People and Culture/Operations leader. Scale-up B2B and B2C experience with high growth companies, building out a team & process/structure on a global scale.

Location: GTA (open to remote)

Looking for: Open to strategic, growth focused CPO or COO roles

The fine print :)

Once you let us know that you're interested in learning more, we will reach out to our candidate to get permission to share their profile in detail. We will also walk through the process of working with us for candidate introductions. No recruiting fees will be payable until/unless you hire someone introduced by the Artemis Canada team.


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