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Humans of Tech - Sacha Columbia

1. Who are you?

I’m Sacha, a visual design and brand leader who’s just moved to KW after working at Amazon in Seattle for 4 years.

I was born and raised in Toronto, I moved to the States in 2014 and have just returned to be closer to friends and family. Previous to my time working for big tech, I was an apparel buyer and merchandiser, most notably working for Bluenotes in Toronto and Free People in Philadelphia.

My background is a mixed bag of merchandising, design, brand and marketing.

2. What's your major internal motivation for doing what you do?

I want to be creative every day. And creativity to me can be anything from physically making something, all the way to creative thinking and problem-solving.

My entire adult life I’ve worked in Retail, from brick and mortar fashion to the world’s biggest online store. Retail has changed so much in the past decade and I’m obsessed with watching the progression unfold. I really love watching consumer behaviour change and consumer expectations change. Especially with social media and exploring questions around how brands set themselves apart. I’m really fascinated with market trends, how people interact with the tangible and real, and also expect lightening fast convenience.

3. How do you maintain energy/recharge outside of work?

I have always found that a side hustle satisfies my craving for ultra-creative projects that I’m sometimes unable to fulfill in a corporate role. So when I’m not in front of a computer I’m usually taking photos, and during my years in the US I worked out of local Clay Studios and made pottery. Our house is filled with so many pots!

I usually shoot pictures of portrait and travel photography. I’ve moved around a lot and travelled a lot and my photos are my mementos/souvenirs for what I find interesting about my life. They’re like collecting postcards of what I’m doing, essentially. I’m very visual, so I’ll recognize a moment/space that I think will be interesting to capture; nature, architecture, people. I love taking pictures of tourists. I’ll try to do some fun, editorial fashion photography if I can, but mostly it’s what I’m experiencing, whatever I’m up to.

My husband and I try to travel as often as we can, we just went to Manchester, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Edinburgh this summer. We scratched many items off our bucket list!


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