• Celina Deosaran

New to Canada and Navigating the Tech Job Market? We can Help!

The Canadian tech community has been enthusiastic in its support of policies that enable the immigration of talented professionals from around the world. However the journey of a new Canadian as they look to find a job is rarely simple. Easing this transition and better enabling the matching of great talent with local companies is important - so we’ve been compiling resources to help.

Local Tech News:

Keep up to date with recent developments in the tech industry and put some great companies on your radar:

Job Boards:

Search current open opportunities and see which companies are growing and hiring

Events & Training

Look for networking opportunities and ways to upskill

Tips and Tricks for Job Search in Canada

Did we miss anything? Let us know! This is a working document that we will update. Stay tuned for the next part in the series, Tips for Virtual Interviews.

From the Artemis Blog:

Is your company hiring new Canadians? In a previous blog post we discussed some best things to consider when onboarding employees that are new to Canada.