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Need to Hire? Here is Something to get Excited About!

I’m going to share the secret to success in recruiting. It’s the one thing that makes your message stand out. It defines a great recruiter. And it’s really quite simple. Maybe even too simple.

Are you ready? It’s… excitement.

That’s right, excitement is the difference maker. Now, it’s possible that I have the luxury of working with companies that are worthy of excitement. Or maybe, because my clients are smallish tech companies, every job is critical. But, I’m genuinely enthusiastic about every new search assignment and eager to find the lucky person to take on the role.

I’m not talking about tail-wagging, squirmy dog kind of excitement. This is about genuine, authentic enthusiasm. It needs to permeate everything you do and everything you say, and it needs to be real.

Here is what excitement looks like:

1. Your Company is Exciting

Are you doing something that is truly innovative? Are your leaders extraordinary? Is the mission inspirational? Your recruitment message needs to convey this, with credible and tangible excitement.

2. This Role is Exciting

If you don’t really NEED to hire someone to do this job, why are you bothering? How does the role impact your company’s success?

Understand who is going to love this job and what will fuel their passion.

Make sure your actions reflect your words. Act with urgency and send a clear message that you are on a mission to find the best person for this important role. Your actions must speak louder than the words in your postings.

3. You are Excited about your Candidate

Start by understanding what will make a great candidate stand out, and show your enthusiasm when you find it. The best applicants want to know why you think they will fit. Give them some positive feedback. Sure, Negotiating and Interviewing 101 recommend a poker face and little else. But, if you mask your emotions with indifference, that indifference will come right back at you. Good candidates will most certainly lose interest and find an employer who sees their true value. It is possible to be excited while simultaneously evaluating fit.

These enthusiasm factors could easily serve as the outline for writing a job description, or pitching to a recruit at a networking event. One thing is certain, if you get the excitement right, it will have a measurable impact on who you recruit… and what you become as a company.

(as published on RedCanary)


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