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Artemis Update- May 2024

It’s June! With summer just around the corner, explore our May update for a roundup of industry news, leadership moves, and exclusive insights like our Sales Leadership Salary Snapshot. 


Megan Wilson joins CapIntel as Head of Customer Experience

Kenny Young joins Astrus as Founding Research Scientist

Marina Harris joins Clio as Chief People Officer

Ajdin Agic joins Clarity AI as Global Head of Marketing

Alexander De Jager is now CEO & CIO at Amplifier Capital

Josh Chandler is now CFO at D-Box Technologies

Alicia Mauro joins Unbounce as VP Customer Experience

Bill Brunson joins Friendlier as VP of Sales

Julie Grondin joins Miovision as Director of Product Marketing

As a recruitment partner for North American tech companies, we regularly engage with leaders from various high-growth startups and scale-ups to discuss their goals, experiences, and compensation strategies. Often, clients ask us about current market compensation trends for specific roles. Leveraging our frequent discussions, we aim to offer valuable insights to help you develop competitive compensation packages or enhance your negotiation strategies in your career search.


CEO - Tech Accelerator - KW (Hybrid) - Email to learn more

Sr Product Marketing Manager - Fintech - GTA (Hybrid) - Email to learn more

Director of Demand Gen - Fintech - GTA (Hybrid) - Email to learn more

Coming Soon

VP Finance - Hardware/Software - KW  - Email to learn more


Since launching our fractional network, we've built a spectacular roster of leaders from finance, to technology, to sales and marketing, to product, operations, strategy, HR/Talent and more. If you're a founder looking to add top-notch leadership to your team for a fraction of the cost, let's chat. Spotlight: Our Fractional Leader of the Month

Title:  CEO, COO, CRO, Advisor

Location: Remote

Background: An experienced senior executive and revenue leader with 25+ years of experience at startups and scale-ups through various stages (Series A to Exit). Has held CEO and CRO positions, built and supported high-performing teams, been part of a senior leadership team raising capital ($100M+), and built repeatable revenue engines for SMB, MidMarket & Enterprise customers. Has experience across multiple SaaS stages and industries including exits.

Looking for: Advisory support (~1-2 hours/week) for Founders, CEOs and leadership teams looking for an experienced SaaS operator who can provide thought partnership, strategic and operational support.

Email to learn more Psst. Looking for another skill set? Check out previously featured fractional leaders. From CTOs to CFOs, Customer Experience to Sales/Revenue, Marketing or HR leaders - our roster has exceptional talent across all functions!


  • Nfinite Nanotech closes $8.9M CAD to nanocoat sustainable packaging. Read More Here

  • BetaKit launches a new program for innovation leaders. Read More Here

  • Bret Taylor to leave Shopify board, Uber CFO among new director nominees. Read More Here

  • Q1 Canadian VC funding posts mixed results as PE market rebounds. Read More Here

  • Lightspeed’s founder is officially back in the CEO chair. Read More Here

  • Cohere’s Ivan Zhang discusses making Canada the place to scale. Read More Here

  • AI cameras notch assist in Western Canada’s wildfire fight. Read More Here



 Meet Luis Serrano! Luis is an AI Scientist, entrepreneur and the former Head of Developer Relations at Cohere. Here, Luis shares how following your passions can be a zig zag path and incredibly fulfilling, his vision as a teacher and entrepreneur and what led him to build in Canada.


Discover the best in startups and tech with our curated picks! From inspiring reads to must-listen podcasts and transformative courses, Artemis Recommends brings you top resources to inform and inspire! 📚🎧🚀

  • Carly recommends Burn Book by Kara Swisher, a sharp and insightful examination of tech’s inner workings, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the personalities and power dynamics that shape Silicon Valley.

  • Leigh recommends The Founders Mentality, an analysis of the critical factors that drive growth and success, providing strategies for overcoming predictable crises.

  • Kristina recommends The Startup CEO Show, a series where Mark McLeod meets with CEOs, VCs and others to unpack how to lead startups to massive exits.


KW/Toronto/Canada tech funding powered by

Netskrt - British Columbia | Networks | $10.0M

Mortgage Automator - Toronto | FinTech | -

AlterBiota - East Coast | GreenTech | $4.0M

Potential Motors - East Coast | AI | $2.0M

Maia Farms - British Columbia | FoodTech | $2.3M

Growcer - Ottawa | AgTech | $3.0M

Kinmetrix Inc. - Other | SportsTech | $250K

Bōde - Alberta | Real Estate | $4.0M

Relocalize - Quebec | CleanTech | $2.3M

ThinkLabs AI - Toronto | CleanTech | $6.8M

Nfinite Nanotech - Waterloo Region | NanoTech | $0K

Blossom - British Columbia | Social | $2.1M

CoLab - East Coast | SaaS | $28.6M

MyBeacon Services Inc. - Toronto | Application Software | $5.3M

Sinn Studio Inc. - Toronto | Games | $2.5M

Artemis - British Columbia | Data | $1.5M

Vive Crop Protection - Toronto | AgTech | -

Alberta Machine Learning Institute - Alberta | Machine Learning | $3.0M

Una Software - Toronto | Application Software | -

Relay - Toronto | FinTech | $44.0M

Maxa - Quebec | Analytics | $28.7M

NexGami - British Columbia | Games | $3.4M


Communitech Breakfast Series: Entrepreneurship, scale and quantum with Dr. Paul Terry

Thursday, June 13, 2024

7:30-9:00 AM

Send us your questions about hiring and retaining top talent in tech!

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