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-FILLED -President - SEH Computer Systems

Who Is SEH Computer Systems?


SEHC is a Software Development company that delivers a full suite of business solutions for Property and Casualty Insurance clients. The business, located between Kitchener and Stratford, ON was founded in 1996, when South Easthope Mutual Insurance spun out the technology division with a mission to develop software solutions to serve and support a community of clients with similar needs.


Over the past 20+ years SEH has grown to become a highly reliable and trusted technology partner to their mutual insurance clients. As the capabilities of technology and the customer demands have evolved, it is now time to invest in the core product, leveraging capabilities in web, cloud, reporting, application integrations and analytics.



The Artemis Canada team is working with the SEHC Board to bring on a leader who will work with customers and partners to develop a product vision and deliver next-generation solutions, that will in-turn drive success and sustainability for their Mutual Insurance customers. Leveraging a highly capable and valued internal team, the new CEO will lead the business through an ambitious plan of change and sustainable success.


Key Objectives:


  • Develop and manage a technology product strategy that will meet current and future market demands, while maintaining the exceptional levels of reliability and service that customers currently rely on.

  • Build and maintain exceptional relationships with customers, gathering product and marketing insight and ensuring the software product strategy and ongoing service delivery aligns with their evolving needs.

  • Lead, manage and develop the SEHC team. Model and set company culture, values, and behaviour.

  • Set and manage sustainable corporate financial strategy.

  • Establish and maintain excellent ongoing communication with all stakeholders, including but not limited to employees, customers, board and external partners and associations.

  • Act as external spokesperson for SEHC, representing and promoting the vision, product and services.


Does this Sound Like You?


  • You are an experienced, authentic and positive leader, who genuinely cares about the needs of customers and employees.

  • You have a strong business acumen and can develop, communicate and execute on product and business plans.

  • You can lead and develop an enthusiastic and resilient team.

  • You are equally skilled at managing all stakeholders, including customers, employees, board members and external partners.

  • You’ve been a successful leader in a software development company or department, with teams of 20+ .

  • You’ve had P&L accountability for budgets of $2M+.

  • You have an understanding and appreciation for the P&C insurance sector and for the needs of rural end customers.


The search for the new SEH President is being managed by the team at Artemis Canada, in Waterloo, ON. 

Contact us for additional information or insight into this terrific opportunity.

Want More Insight?

Download our brief outlining the market opportunity and what makes the role particularly unique. 

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