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Product Manager - EarthCache 

Are you looking to join a Series A-backed early stage company on the cusp of incredible growth? Do you have experience owning a product roadmap and defining the go-to-market strategy? Are you excited about joining a company that is changing the way we view the world?

Who Is SkyWatch?


Every day, hundreds of trillions of pixels of our planet are captured from space. With new applications for this data emerging, such as precision farming, construction planning, disaster relief operations, and retail revenue prediction (to name a few), the demand for satellite imagery is growing. However, the current process for obtaining satellite imagery is very time-consuming and tedious.

SkyWatch is a venture-backed space technology company in Waterloo focused on the seamless and affordable distribution of satellite data to commercial markets, enabling businesses, applications, and solutions that were never before possible. 

Their team consists of NASA award-winning developers, Earth observation scientists, big data and unicorn startup veterans who come from ten different countries. Their leadership team includes leading figures in Canadian space, an Earth Observation veteran who has led multiple companies through IPOs, a planetary robotics graduate from the International Space University, and a petabyte-scale data leader with patents in location AI and contextual analytics.

The market for Earth Observation satellite data and services is projected to represent a $56B cumulative revenue opportunity over the next 10 years, growing to $7.2B annually in 2028 (source: NSR). The way we look at the world is changing - with more sensors and more data - and SkyWatch is at the forefront of creating the digital infrastructure to support this revolution. 

How Are They Changing the World? 

Today, satellite imagery is expensive and difficult for customers to access and manage.  SkyWatch addresses these challenges through two developing two products: 


  1. EarthCache, an easy-to-use Application Programming Interface (“API”), allowing application developers to programmatically integrate satellite imagery, from multiple imagery providers, into their software

  2. TerraStream, a data infrastructure product that provides satellite operators with an integrated data storage, cataloging, ordering, processing and delivery solution, allowing them to serve customers faster, with less operational and financial risk.


Their technology is enabling agriculture customers to monitor crop health; energy customers to monitor oil pipelines and solar farms; and global banks to monitor infrastructure development, among hundreds of other unique use cases. All from space, with just a few lines of code.


How Will You Make An Impact?

After securing their Series-A round in January 2020, SkyWatch is ready to scale and this role is critical to capitalize on the market opportunity ahead. 


You will be responsible for continuing to commercialize their EarthCache platform, making the satellite imagery market as fundamental to our daily lives as GPS, another important space technology.


You’ll report to the CEO and will leverage your broad set of skills to help their customers grow the world’s food more efficiently, combat climate change more effectively, mitigate and assess natural disasters, and so much more. You’ll work with cross-functional teams to design, build, and deliver capabilities that shape the future of satellite imagery.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You can quickly ramp-up your knowledge of the satellite imagery market, develop world-leading expertise and sustain that

  • You will take ownership of and execute against EarthCache’s Go-to-Market Plan and longer-term strategy

  • You will align EarthCache’s product roadmap to support SkyWatch’s vision and strategy

  • You will maintain EarthCache’s Knowledge Base and Documentation

  • You will develop, maintain, and improve the EarthCache Customer Journey Map

  • You will manage EarthCache's feature development, from concept, to design, to customer validation, to release, to analyzing and reporting on the impact 

  • You can identify, monitor, report, and improve the product’s Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”)

  • You will maintain the product’s growth forecast (model) for 18-24 months out

  • You enjoy collaborating with Marketing to develop content, messaging, presentations and proposals to reach targeted customers

  • You will visit key customers to solicit feedback and build strong relationships

  • You can be their product evangelist to build awareness and understanding of the market



  • Raw intellectual horsepower

  • High emotional intelligence (“EQ”)

  • Strong technical background

  • You can build and maintain your own application

  • You can channel multiple points of view

  • You can explain what makes a product great

  • You can explain what makes an API great

  • You’ve shipped something from concept to launch

  • 5+ years of product management experience in a fast-paced, high growth technology company.

  • Entrepreneurship, startup, or leadership experience is a plus


Does this sound exciting to you?
Get in touch with Leigh!

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