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Director of Marketing - The Knowledge Society


TKS is looking for a a Director of Marketing to help us build a brand that attracts the most curious and ambitious young people from around the world. Right now we're seeing some incredible results from the TKS. Our students have gone on to start venture backed companies, cure disease, pioneer industries, and engage in ground breaking research. We are not doing a good job at sharing our story in a meaningful way with the rest of the world, and particularly with the stakeholders who matter to us most. Let's change that 💪!



Who Is The Knowledge Society & How Are They Changing The World? 

The Knowledge Society (TKS) is on a mission to completely rethink Education 2.0 and train young people to solve important problems in the world using emerging technologies. We believe there are not enough smart people in the world working on hard problems and that conventional education is focused on mitigating risk vs. optimizing for success. TKS has developed an education model that helps accelerate the potential of young people in a short period of time. After only a year, we're seeing our students get invited to speak at some of the world's largest conferences like Web Summit/SXSW, gain internships at companies like Microsoft/IBM, work with some of the top researchers globally, and more importantly embody the mindsets of someone who is on the path to "impact billions". Our vision involves building a fund to invest in our students, grant young people access to TKS at scale through our digital platform, and provide world-class companies the opportunities to hire our students.


How Will I Make An Impact?


We need to ramp up our efforts on 2 front: Brand and Student Acquisition. Some examples are included but not limited to:


Brand: developing awesome brand assets and content

  • Social Media

  • Website

  • Thought Leadership

  • Storytelling

  • Blog

  • TKS Newsletters

  • PR management


Student acquisition: getting students and parents to share their information with TKS, with the ultimate goal of students being excited to applying to the program

  • Email marketing / retargeting

  • Infrastructure (Google analytics, CRM management)

  • School / org outreach

  • Ads

  • Newsletter marketing

  • Online events


We want this person to come in, help prioritize what needs to be done, and execute well. We have a budget that this person can allocate to get things done more efficiently, but we do expect this person to come in with a fierce ownership mentality and help us build towards our brand vision and hit our student acquisition goals. At the end of the day, we are looking for someone who is accountable for the whole function. You will have 1 other person on your team who's role will solely be focused on school/org relationship building and application outreach. Yes this might seem ambiguous, but we don't want to bring in smart people and tell them what to do, rather we'd rather you come in and tell us what to do 🤓

How Do I Know If This Is For Me?


  • 8+ years of experience in a marketing / brand function

  • Experience managing and building brand through social media

  • An intuitive brand voice and communication style that is modern / casual in nature but also highly engaging

  • A bias toward action – you wouldn't think twice about picking up the phone to make things happen

  • Excellent management skills

  • A know-how for developing high quality brand assets (even if outsourced)

  • Strong knowledge in email marketing and user retargeting

  • Good vibes 🦄


Do I Have What It Takes?


If this sounds like you or you have someone to recommend, send a note to

Does this sound exciting to you?
Get in touch with Niv!

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