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VP of Customer Success - Roadmunk

Are you looking to join a profitable company and help it scale? Are you excited at the idea of owning the customer success strategy in a company that values trust and transparency? Then this may just be the role for you.

Who Is Roadmunk? 

Artemis Canada has partnered with Roadmunk - a high growth start-up in a fast-moving and highly competitive market - to find a VP of Customer Success to ensure that customer needs are front and centre. What sets them apart is a deep understanding of the users' psychology and an ability to produce simple solutions to complex problems. They operate from a place of deep empathy.

Roadmunk was inspired by a problem the founders experienced personally: there was no simple way for product managers to build and share roadmaps. Latif Nanji, co-founder and CEO, is also a product manager and when faced with this problem he teamed up with co-founder, Tomas Benda to build a solution. The resulting app helps companies create and effectively manage roadmaps of all shapes, sizes, and types. The goal is to make strategic roadmapping quick, effective, and collaborative.


And it’s working. The most forward-thinking product teams (thousands of them!) including top companies like Amazon, Disney and eBay are using Roadmunk to align their stakeholders and execs using beautiful, crystal-clear roadmaps.

From day one, they’ve built their app, business, and culture around people-first values. These values are the driving force behind everything they do:

  • Start with empathy

  • Driven to succeed

  • Trust through transparency

  • Build with balance

  • Always learning

  • Fun together


How Will I Make An Impact?


As VP Customer Success, you will lead and continue to build a team of highly motivated CSM and support specialists.


You’ll own strategy and lead the push towards automation that is required, as they deal with in increasing volume of customers in need of support.  You have the opportunity to build and scale customer success and provide the team with the tools and techniques they need to be successful.


Your role as the representative of the Customer Voice is critical to the direction of every part of the business, so you’ll work closely with leaders and teams across the business to ensure that customer needs are understood and built into every part of the business.


As VP of Customer Success, you will have a critical influence on the company and product strategy. You’ll have a seat at the leadership table and will influence product direction with your insight into the customer landscape. The role reports directly into the CEO.


You’ll be the customer champion - defining the user, building empathetic pathways to the customer and making sure that the customer voice is heard across the org. You’ll also build strong relationships with tier 1 customers.


You will also contribute to:

  • Planning and predictability: Understanding and then building out the strategy for customer retention. You will define the team size, structure, and scope of roles as the customer base continues to scale.

  • Onboarding: Roadmunk works with a high volume of customers, with a land and expand model of growth, so you’ll introduce onboarding tools and techniques, and making sure every user is set up for success

  • Tools: Introducing relevant automation tools to the org that can help keep pace with scaling

How Do I Know If This Is For Me?

You’re a leader who is looking for an opportunity to help scale a profitable company.

You’re looking to use your insight into the customer voice and experience to help influence business decisions. You’re an exceptional leader of teams and can hire, inspire and grow incredible people who value performance and excellent service delivery.

You like speed! This company is growing quickly and has a very high volume customer acquisition strategy. Things will change fast and you find this is exciting!

Most of all you have customer empathy - so you can see how this product is a game changer for product teams of all shapes and sizes.

Do I Have What It Takes? (Requirements)

  • You have 3-5 years as a Director of CS or maybe you’re early in your career as VP of Customer Success and are excited about building

  • You have experience laying down processes and automation tools for a high volume customer base (think thousands and thousands of users)

  • You deeply understand the importance of the customer voice and how it can influence decision making, and know what it means to be an advocate for the customer

  • You have experience defining onboarding initiatives for different levels of customers

  • You prefer to operate in a strategic capacity but also love to roll up your sleeves and deliver

  • You’re a proven leader, who has built a loyal, motivated and high performing team


Does this sound exciting to you?
Get in touch with Niv!

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