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Helping You Build Great Tech Teams

We took the best of what we do in our Tech Leadership Practice and launched Artemis Tech Teams.


Our partners have been telling us that their growth is limited by their ability to build great technical teams. What it takes to build these teams is an eye for quality and an understanding of what makes a perfect match, deep market knowledge, and a focus on great experience throughout the recruiting process. 

Our dedicated recruitment team is mapping out software engineering talent across KW and the GTA, and identifying the high potential individual contributors who will lead Canada’s future tech companies.


We’re leveraging our extensive network, our strengths in delivering a great candidate experience and our ability to carefully match team needs and strengths. We’ve aligned the tools and resources for this new division to address the unique challenges of recruiting great engineering teams.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

How Can We Help?

Here are some ways we're helping start-ups in our community.

Team Leads

Technical Product Managers

UX & Design

Front End/UI Development

Talk to our

Artemis Tech Teams Practice Lead 

for more insight.

Data Science

Dev Ops

 Embedded System Design & Development

Back End Development

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