Product Manager

Do you see the role of Product Manager as a collaborative team player? Do you love owning innovation products from cradle to grave?

Who Is Sonova?

In a life without sound, Sonova’s work provides meaning. As the world’s leading hearing care provider, Sonova is not just a company that makes products: they are a team on a mission to help people enjoy the delights of hearing. Their core brands - Phonak, Unitron, Hansaton, Advanced Bionics and AudioNova- develop products that push the limits of technology and enable a life without hearing limitations while redefining the future of their industry.

How Will I Make An Impact?

As a Product Manager you will interface with all teams across the company from R&D to Audiology to Operations.


You will bring the voice of the customer to the organization- determining their needs and desires and obtaining the necessary market information. Then you'll turn these needs into technical feasibility to create feature and product concepts that will be integrated into program requirements.


As Product Manager you'll set the vision and strategy- communicating this to relevant participants and stakeholders is natural for you, you’re a human megaphone who can explain the needs of the consumer and the business value behind new products.

How Do I Know If This Is For Me?

  • You love being the voice of the consumer - eloquently and powerfully communicating their needs and the business value behind new products.

  • You consider yourself a “mini-CEO”, you’re a generalist who can talk to anyone and keep things moving.

  • You’re an expert and you exhibit excellent judgment and problem solving throughout the development process.

  • You'd love to represent your products at global launch events.

Do I Have What It Takes? (Requirements)

  • You are a seasoned product manager with 7+ years experience.

  • You’re a self-starter who is comfortable taking initiative and solving problems.

  • You can navigating dynamic environments and are always eager to learn.

  • You speak in the many languages of business including marketing, sales, finance and R&D.

  • You're organizational, communication and interpersonal skills are legendary.

  • Your mindset is always a balance of analytical and creative.

  • You have a Degree in Marketing, Business or other related discipline.

  • If you have an understanding of audiology and/or the hearing health industry that would be an asset!


Does this sound exciting to you?
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