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Diversity Hotlist-September 2022

In every leadership search we make an intentional effort to connect with and introduce a diverse mix of candidates. We’d like to introduce you to some of the incredible candidates who we’ve been working with as they look to navigate the next step in their career.

Here are a handful of candidates who we have met recently who are confidentially looking for their next move. Each has given us their permission to be featured on this list. Pop us a message to learn more.

Title: VP Eng or CTO

Diversity: Female, POC

Background: Recently helped a series B B2B SaaS platform go through scale - grew the Engineering team 7x - from 40-220.

Looking for: A later stage start-up or US-based company to help with bigger scale. Sheis actively interviewing.

Contact Kristina for more details.

Title: VP Finance

Location: KW, remote

DEI: Female

Background: Software + hardware experience in high-growth environments. Started in public accounting, and has been with many scaling tech companies since. Enjoys the business + operations of growing a business. Very strong on the controllership, operations and FP&A sides of the business. Some transactional experience, and looking for more opportunities to lead those initiatives moving forward.

Looking for: Currently focused on fractional finance leadership roles. Enjoys building out models, with the lens of how to help & grow a business.

Contact Leigh for more details.

Title: VP Marketing or CMO

Diversity: Female, POC

Location: KW

Background: Skilled in brand development, demand generation, launching new products, channel strategy, sales tools development, and leadership (she’s grown teams from 2-15 and has been an early marketing hire (hire #2 and #3) for 2 companies. She has both hardware and software experience and is accustomed to selling to enterprise and government. She’s an entrepreneur and builder at heart (she started a business during Covid!) and has also been consulting for the past 2 years. She’s now actively looking for her next big build and full-time position!

Looking for: A purpose-driven, positive-impact organization. She thrives in companies in the midst of change (repositioning, entering into new markets, or preparing to raise financing). She’s also open to an earlier stage company. She’s seeking a hybrid work environment, so a company within commuting distance of KW is ideal.

Contact Carly for more details.

Title: Chief of Staff / Operations / Finance / CSM Lead

Diversity: Female, POC

Location: GTA

Background: CPA & Founder turned CSM Lead. First CPA to be hired into a CSM role. Has always been entrepreneurial, founded a startup that was super successful while still having a FT role, work with incubators etc. Went back for Founders in Residence Program through Entrepreneur First.

Looking for: Early stage revenue generating startup where she can build out a function. Has done really well in B2B SaaS but is ultimately drawn to the founders. Has managed and grown teams.

Contact Ashley for more details.

The fine print :)

Once you let us know that you're interested in learning more, we will reach out to our candidate to get permission to share their profile in detail. We will also walk through the process of working with us for candidate introductions. No recruiting fees will be payable until/unless you hire someone introduced by the Artemis Canada team.

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