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Artemis Update- October 2022

As the leaves fall and the weather turns colder, bundle up and join us for another Artemis Update! Check out the great roles that we are currently working on as well as our other features!


Mijay Pavon is now VP People at Spare Labs

David Dewar joins TRU LUV as VP Engineering

Craig Haney joins AltaML as Head of Ventures

Tom Redman is now Director of Product at Curaytor

Jenn Bouyoukos joins Bench Accounting as VP People

Mohammad Belghis-zadeh joins NielsenIQ as Director, Technology

Rhonda Morris is now VP People at d1g1t Inc.

Kris Lawson joins Immuta as VP Americas East

Mel Shires is now Head of Marketing at Circle

James Cloughley joins EverCommerce as Divisional SVP, Software Engineering

Katie Cerar joins Dutchie as Senior Director of Product Management


VP Marketing- HealthTech- Canada

VP People & Culture- B2B/SaaS- GTA

VP Marketing- EdTech- Remote (Canada)

Product Marketing Manager- Network Management- Remote (Canada/US)

Director HR- Consulting Data Analytics- GTA- Email to learn more

VP People & Culture- eCommerce (Canada/Remote)

Sales Leader- CleanTech- Remote (Canada)

Coming soon-

Director of Architecture- Robotics- Remote (NA)- Email to learn more

COO- Enterprise Software- Canada- Email to learn more

Founding Sales Leader- CleanTech- Toronto/Remote- Email to learn more

Founding CS Leader- CleanTech- Toronto/Remote- Email to learn more

VP People & Culture- eCommerce- Remote (Canada)- Email to learn more

Sr. Project Manager- CleanTech- Remote (Canada)- Email to learn more

Director of Customer Success - eCommerce - Remote (Ontario) - Email to learn more


On September 16th, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini died after being taken in custody by Iran's "morality police" for wearing her hijab improperly. Her death caused uproar across Iran and the world. Led by women and men, these protests call for an end to the current Islamic Regime in Iran. The Republic of Iran has responded violently to these protests: Almost 300 citizens have been murdered, thousands detained, and countless incidents unreported. They've attacked top universities and children's schools. They've blocked social media to silence the protestors' international reach, and have completely blacked out internet in some states.

The protests across Iran and the world are calling for freedom. They're demanding the right to choose what to believe, what to wear, and who to love. We're hearing their chant, "Women, Life, Freedom" around the world - from a 100,000-person protest in Berlin, to large crowds gathered almost weekly close to home in Toronto.

If you are wondering what you can do, reading this is a start. If you want to support further to show solidarity with the brave women and men - and often young, fearless children in Iran - consider a donation to the Center of Human Rights Iran ( Together we will share their story and watch alongside the international community - what very well may become the Iranian Revolution many have been waiting for.




Did you miss a Salary Snapshot blog post? No need to worry because we have compiled every single feature in one convenient link for you! Click below for all the Snapshots we have published this year.


Marc Morin steps down as CEO of Auvik. Doug Murray to take over the helm.

Kitchener startup releases a desktop printer that makes circuit boards on almost any surface

Koble partners with Maple to provide on-demand healthcare for growing Canadian families

Over 30 Alberta tech CEOs sign letter claiming restrictions over “Software Engineer” title hampering province’s talent gains

Conestoga College opens new Innovation Lab at Communitech, which will help connect college tech entrepreneurs to innovation ecosystem

Wealthsimple becomes first Fintech startup approved by Bank of Canada for direct settlement

Float quadruples revenue YOY despite increased competition and choppy economy


Canadian tech funding powered by

Carbon6 - Toronto | SaaS | $88.0M

Horizon Blockchain Games - Toronto | Blockchain | $54.0M

Halp - Toronto | SaaS | $5.5M

Blue-Zone Technologies - Toronto | CleanTech | $8.0M

Parity - Toronto | PropertyTech | $8.0M

e-Zinc - Toronto | CleanTech | $7.0M

NorthOne - Toronto | FinTech | $92.0M

Perch - Toronto | FinTech | $4.0M

Ten Thousand Coffees - Toronto | Misc | $75.0M

VoxNeuro - Toronto | MedTech | $4.0M

Super Advisor - Toronto | FinTech | $2.0M

Cinchy - Toronto | SaaS | $19.7M

Protexxa - Toronto | SaaS | $4.0M

OTI Lumionics - Toronto | Hardware | $55.0M



Communitech adds 26 companies to its Team True North of hotshot tech companies. Team True North companies produce $131 million in annual revenue and yearly growth of 200% on average.

Send us your questions about hiring and retaining top talent in tech!

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