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Artemis Update- March 2024

Hop on over! We've got the scoop on the latest moves and tech news. Don't miss our exclusive feature: a comprehensive CX Salary Snapshot to keep you informed and empowered as you build your company and career.


Cory Thomas joins AgencyAnalytics as VP Engineering 

Julie Forsythe  joins Planitar as VP Engineering 

Andrii Suslov joins FlipGive as Lead QA Engineer

Andrew Tweddle joins Astrus as Founding Algorithm Engineer

Julie Lacey joins Roam as Head of Marketing

Gev Marotz joins Simple Ventures as part-time Advisor & Design Partner

Christie Eby joins Hyivy health as Director of Operations

McKenzie Hunter joins Noibu as Head of People and Culture

Yuru Wang  joins Mastercard as SVP of Software Engineering

Mike Flewweliing  joins Resilinc as VP Customer Success and Support 

Laura Sweet joins BlueJ Legal as VP Marketing

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Salary Survey! We were thrilled at the response rate, and are excited to get the results out.

This month, we’ll share the Customer Experience Salary Snapshot, tracing the journey from Customer Success Managers (CSMs) to Vice Presidents (VPs) and with insights across different cross-sections of the function.


Senior Product Management Role - High-Performance Computing - Canada (EST/Remote) - Email to learn more  

Head of Customer Experience - Wealthtech - GTA (Hybrid) - Email to learn more

Partner Marketing Manager - Loyalty - Canada (Remote) - Email to learn more

Confidential CFO - Services/Agency human capital experience - Toronto - Email to learn more

Confidential CTO/CPO - Digital Marketing - Remote - Email to learn more

Founding Research Engineer - Reinforcement Learning - Remote/Toronto - Email to learn more

Coming Soon

Software Development Manager (Embedded Focus) - Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) - KW/ Hybrid - Email to learn more



At CIX in Toronto on March 27th, Kristina was joined by BrightIron's Rebecca Graham to share advice on growing teams with Canada's top Start-up founders. If you missed it, you can download the key takeaways here. 

PS...West Coast friends, Carly Livingstone and Ashley Gallant will be at INNOVATEwest in Vancouver from April 16-17. Don't be a stranger, say hi!


Since launching our fractional network, we've built a spectacular roster of leaders from finance, to technology, to sales and marketing, to product, operations, strategy, HR/Talent and more. If you're a founder looking to add top-notch leadership to your team for a fraction of the cost, let's chat. Spotlight: Our Fractional Leader of the Month

Title: Venture Studio Leader

Location: GTA

Background: He’s an ex-founder, investor, and operator, offering extensive leadership experience across all aspects of venture building. He supports startups through his venture studio, focusing on industries like agriculture, finance, and health. He has a track record of launching successful products and services and has led collaborations with major B2C, B2B and government entities. 

Looking for: Early stage startups or established corps who are looking to raise capital, find or refine product-market fit, plan their organizational strategy and/or roadmap and who need expertise on product, customer and/or market research, strategic management, fundraising, or partnerships.

Email to learn more Psst. Looking for another skill set? Check out previously featured fractional leaders. From CTOs to CFOs, Customer Experience to Sales/Revenue, Marketing or HR leaders - our roster has exceptional talent across all functions!

CapIntel is a leading wealthtech company that is revolutionizing the way financial advisors work with their clients. By providing powerful, user-friendly tools, CapIntel enables advisors to enhance their investment analysis, streamline their workflow, and deliver a superior client experience. Their mission is to empower the financial well-being of individuals and families by bettering their investment decisions. 


  • Dialogue acquires Koble’s assets to strengthen women’s health offering. Read More Here

  • Canadian Tech leaders back new venture studio - Simple Ventures. Read More Here

  • As Techstars makes changes, the future of its Toronto accelerator is uncertain. Read More Here

  • The Peak released their list of emerging leaders for 2024 (we see some familiar faces)! Read More Here.

  • Alberta gains on Québec on venture activity. Read More Here

  • OpenAI could have GPT-5 ready by this summer. Read More Here

  • Cognition Labs introduces Devin, the first AI software engineer. Read More Here



Meet Ingrid Polini! Ingrid is a Partner at Maple Bridge Ventures. In this interview she shares more about what inspired her to invest in immigrant founders, why Canada is a great place to build and how to build a trusted network as a new founder.


The list is BIG this month!

KW/Toronto/Canada tech funding powered by

Myomar Molecular - East Coast | HealthTech | $1.1M

RetinaLogik - Alberta | Health Diagnostics | $783K

Taalas Inc. - Toronto | Artificial Intelligences | $67.3M

PayShepherd - Alberta | FinTech | $7.0M

Noa Therapeutics - Toronto | BioTech | $2.2M

OnTraccr - British Columbia | ConstructionTech | $1.2M

BeatConnect - Quebec | SaaS | $2.3M

Joyride - Toronto | Platform | $7.0M

CodeZero Technologies - British Columbia | Marketplace | $4.7M

OPALIA - Quebec | FoodTech | $2.0M

Carbonova Corp. - Alberta | NanoTech | $8.1M

MarineLabs - British Columbia | Analytics | $4.5M

Quthero - Toronto | MedTech | $1.8M

Poseidon Ocean Systems - British Columbia | CleanTech | $28.0M

PocketHealth - Toronto | HealthTech | $45.0M

Flosonics - Other | HealthTech | $27.2M


Send us your questions about hiring and retaining top talent in tech!

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