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Artemis Update- January 2023

We are fully into 2023 and what a start to the year it has been. Tech is going through a great reckoning right now, and while lay-off news may be filling your feeds, we hope this newsletter brings hope and inspiration. Countless companies are currently hiring, great people are embarking on exciting new career journeys, and our Canadian innovators continue to tackle the world’s biggest problems. Read on for inspiring news, great blog posts, new Artemis service offerings, and some terrific exec roles.


Justin Holmes is now Chief Sales Officer at Sterling Capital Brokers

Simon Harmgardt joins Nfinite Nanotech as Head of Go-To-Market

Lisa Winter joins Squaredance as Director of Customer Success and Support

Bill Brunson is now Senior Vice President of Sales at GTY Technology

Jonathan Lister joins Vidyard as COO

Tomas Kuras joins Kritik as Senior Vice President of Sales

Katie Wilde joins Snyk as Senior Director of Engineering

Adam King joins Fable Tech Labs as Head of Sales

Eva Thouvenot is now VP of Marketing at Bonsai

Jacqui Nielsen joins PowerSchool as Vice President of Product Management- ERP Solutions

Alicia Bedard is now Director of Marketing at AltaML

Andrew Curtis joins Clearco as CEO

Bogdan Odobas is now Director of Software Engineering at Mimecast

Rob Sale is now Director of Strategic Partnerships at Salesken

Chris Bondarenko joins MentorcliQ as CRO

Chris Willard joins Fusemachines as VP Sales

Vanessa Brangwyn is now Global Head of Customers at Pigment

Heidi Hauver is now CPO at TrackTik

Justine Melman joins LoyaltyOne as CCO, Air Miles

Victoria MacDonald is now Chief People Officer at Wave HQ

Russ Keveryn joins RouteThis as Senior Vice President of Sales

Bryan Hurren joins ecobee as VP of Product Management and Design

Melissa Stoddart joins PartnerStack as Director, Product Marketing

Taylor Mathewson joins KeyOps as VP Product, Engineering and Design

Rodrick Smith is now Vice President of Sales at Providius

Jon Boyer is now Director of Sales at Zapier

Stephen Feldman is now Director of Product for headversity


Head of Sales, NA - Customer Experience/AI- Toronto/GTA

VP People & Culture- eCommerce- Canada/Remote

VP Sales- EdTech/B2C- North America (Remote)

VP Eng/CTO- Collaboration Software- Canada (Remote)

Digital Engineering Leader- Loyalty SaaS- Toronto (Hybrid)

Senior Software Engineer KW Technical Lead- Supply Chain Management- KW/Remote- Email to learn more

Coming soon-

Director of Customer Success - eComm/Retail - Ontario (Remote) - Email to learn more

VP Business Development- IT Services/Consulting/Professional Services- Calgary- Email to learn more

Senior Director of Marketing - Enterprise Saas (Remote) - Email to learn more


Ask and you shall receive! Our clients and VC partners have asked for support with Fractional leadership searches, and we’re excited to officially launch this new service offering! Often early-stage companies need an experienced and highly strategic executive leader, but they don’t have the capital or the need to bring someone in full-time. At the same time, we’ve built strong relationships with incredible leaders across Finance, HR, GTM planning and Technology who are at a stage in their career where they want to work with start-ups, help coach and level-up existing teams and focus on strategy. Through our Fractional Exec Practice, we’re excited to connect a qualified and curated roster of fractional leaders with start-ups that have very specific needs. Contact us to learn more about how to add a fractional leader to your team, or to become part of our Fractional Exec Roster! Here’s a sneak peek of our first Fractional Leader of the Month:

Featuring: Our Fractional Leader of the Month

Area of Expertise: VP Finance

Location: KW

Diversity: Woman

Background: Strategic finance leader with deep experience in software/hardware high-growth organizations. Started in public accounting, and has been with many scaling tech companies since. Enjoys the business & operations of growing a business. Very strong on the controllership, operations, and FP&A sides of the business. Has transactional experience and looking for more opportunities to lead those initiatives moving forward.

Looking for: Fractional finance leadership role(s). Enjoys building out models, with the lens of how to help & grow a business. Current opening: 2 days/week of capacity. Email to learn more




Immigrants of Tech is spin-off from our 'Humans of Tech' series that is designed to focus on the inspiring stories of newcomers to our tech ecosystem.

kThis month we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Ruslan Nikolaev, the co-founder of Float. Join us in hearing more about Ruslan's story, from his time as a student at the University of Waterloo, his foray into entrepreneurship, why his family chose Canada, and advice for newcomer entrepreneurs.

Click here for Ruslan's story.

TECH FOR GOOD: evolutionQ

It’s client love time, where we highlight one of our incredible clients: what they do, why we’re excited to partner with them, the good they’re putting into the world, and what we’re currently working on together!


What do they do?

They’re a startup on a mission to protect the world with quantum-safe cybersecurity solutions. Powerful new quantum technologies promise tremendous benefits (think innovation in medicine and energy), but also pose serious threats to cybersecurity. evolutionQ is the first company worldwide dedicated to offering the full suite of services and software products that organizations need to protect against the threat of quantum computers being used to break existing security protocols that protect all of us.

evolutionQ is not alone in sounding the alarm: President Biden has signed 2 Directives recognizing the need to mitigate the risks quantum computers pose to national and economic security. And in Waterloo just last week, the federal government launched Canada's National Quantum Strategy, with a commitment to investing $360 million in quantum research, talent and commercialization.

Our Partnership Origin Story: Our partnership with the evolutionQ team began in mid-2022. Fresh on the heels of an impressive Series A raise, this highly technical team of domain experts was ready to grow their Go-to-Market team. Aside from our interest in what they do, we were blown away by who they are. It was clear in early conversations that this was an incredibly intelligent team whose values aligned with ours. They were humble, kind, ambitious, and approached these critical hires in a way that was collaborative, thoughtful and intentional.

They needed leaders who would take charge, lead with data, shape the early marketing and sales orgs, and thrive in the absence of a playbook. We placed 2 leaders who met and exceeded all expectations (dare we say, even our own!): Brad Weber, VP Global Sales and Mercedes Gilroy, Director of Marketing. Together, this team is building a thriving, world-changing business.

What We’re Working On:

​We’re now partnering with evolutionQ as they hire their first VP, Operations. Stay tuned for some exciting news!


Ancillary revenue leader Plusgrade completes US$385 million acquisition of loyalty commerce platform Points

Waterloo-based tech champ Magnet Forensics sold to US private equity firm for $1.8 billion

12 Canadian companies rank on the Global Cleantech 100 list for 2023

Xanadu received $40 million from Ottawa to advance quantum computer development

Koble announces partnership with the Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM) to bring perinatal health solutions to midwives and the families they serve

The Federal government’s largest ever clinical trial investment set to advance Velocity and national Health Tech startups and improve Canadian’s wellbeing


Canadian tech funding powered by

Notch - Toronto | Marketplace | $137M

Smile CDR - Toronto | HealthTech | $300M

Raven - Ottawa | Application Software | $160M CAD

Summit Nanotech - Alberta | NanoTech | $500M CAD

Sollum Technologies - Quebec | AgTech | $300M CAD

Nanoprecise - Alberta | Analytics | $134M CAD

ReelData AI - East Coast | AgTech | $80M CAD

Terramera - BC | AgTech | $81M CAD



AMA: How to Use CRM Tools to Fuel Growth Date : Wed, February 8, 2023 Time : 2.00PM - 3.00PM EST Early-stage startups have a million things on their to-do list. With each person wearing many hats, founders rely on systems for heavy lifting across marketing, sales, customer success and operations.

But how can growing companies – particularly early-stage ones – make the best use of tools like HubSpot? What should founders be looking for in a CRM? How can you best utilize HubSpot right now? What features aren’t necessary? When is the right time to sign up? Join Communitech’s AMA session to hear from their panelist Shawn Hewat (Founder & CEO at Wavy), Mina Behrooz (HubSpot) and Rob Manne (Inflectiv) Click here to register

Send us your questions about hiring and retaining top talent in tech!

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