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Artemis Update- April 2023

April showers bring May flowers! With all the good weather on the horizon, we are rejuvenated and excited to bring you all the latest in funding, tech news, insightful blog posts, and all the moves!

Susan Aili joins Makeship as VP People and Culture

Skylar Lawrence-LeBel is now VP Marketing at Planitar

Jacqui Murphy is now Chief Market Officer at

Dana Fox is the new CEO at the Institute for Smarter Government

Rachel Friesen joins Dropbox as Sales Manager, Account Management

Brandi Smith joins Spinify as Head of Marketing

Dinah Davis joins DriverDX Inc as Technology and Cybersecurity Advisor

Luke Kyleman is now CTO at SingleSource

Andrew Cudmore joins Pigment as Global Strategic Accounts and GM, Canada

Michelle DeBeyer is now VP, Head of Human Resources at Manulife

Michael Bernhardt is now Director of Product Management at Christie Digital

Patrick Tan joins M Corp as VP of Finance

Zabrina Hossain joins Uscreen as VP of Product Management and Design

Tamara Niesen is now VP Product Marketing at Housecall Pro

Star Hofer joins A.K.A. New Media Inc. as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Customer Officer

Cassidy Gentle is now Senior Engineering Manager at ecobee


Director, Digital Engineering- Loyalty SaaS + Agency- Toronto (Hybrid)

Director of People Operations- Data Management/ Enterprise SaaS- Waterloo (Hybrid)

Product Designer- FinTech- Canada/US (Remote)

Director of Enterprise Sales- BioTech- Europe, US, Canada (Remote)

Product Manager- Fintech- US/Canada (Remote)

Head of Design- FinTech- KW/Toronto/QC (Remote)

Coming soon-

Innovation Engineering Roles- Infrastructure / Network Management- Email to learn more

VP CX- Data Management/Enterprise SaaS- KW- Email to learn more

Founding Engineer, Web Applications- AI Startup- Remote- Email to learn more

Head of Engineering- Healthtech- Remote- Email to learn more

Get ready to explore the fascinating world of C-level roles at startups! In this article, we’ll delve into the true nature of the Chief Product Officer (CPO) role, and help you navigate the best time to bring one on board, how to find the right candidate, and how to pay them. As you’ll discover, the CPO is a crucial hire for tech companies looking to scale up and compete in today’s fast-paced market. They are responsible for developing and executing a company’s product strategy, driving innovation, and ensuring that all product efforts align with the company’s broader objectives.

So, what exactly does a CPO do, and how do you find the right person for the job? Click below to find out!

In our newest feature, Ask the Coach, we are joined by Susan Van Klink, an executive coach with over 20 years of software leadership experience. This month's blog post, Don't Let A Scarcity Mindset Derail Your Success covers the scarcity mindset, the key risks you may encounter, and steps you can take to overcome it.

“I need a leader who can spend 25% of their time doing critical strategy and planning and leadership work, but then spend the other 75% doing tactical stuff" We hear this a lot. Fractional leadership is often the right answer. With our Fractional Exec Practice, we’re connecting a qualified and curated roster of fractional leaders with startups and scaleups that have very specific needs. Our team has spent 25+ years building relationships with tech leaders who have experience tackling critical finance, HR, go-to-market, and tech challenges. Contact us to learn more about how to add a fractional leader to your team, or to become part of our Fractional Exec Roster!

Spotlight: Our Fractional Leader of the Month

Title: VP Engineering

Location: Vancouver, BC

Background: She’s led teams up to 250 people but her sweet spot is helping companies scale their eng team from 50-100+. She enjoys building the tracks for scalability. She’s worked in both B2C and B2B orgs in gaming, e-commerce, and SaaS brand management. She’s a strong people and process leader who supports scaling companies with problems such as: trouble with software practices, releases not going out, product scalability, quality issues, productivity and prioritization. If you’re looking to speed up your eng team, increase quality and make outputs predictable, she can help.

Looking for: Fractional engineering leadership and/or consulting opportunities

Capacity for: 2-4 days a week Email to learn more

Immigrants of Tech is a spin-off from our 'Humans of Tech' series that is designed to focus on the inspiring stories of newcomers to our tech ecosystem.

This month we are featuring Shambhavi Mishra who brings an incredible 15+ years of Management Consulting experience. Here, she shares what led her to immigrate to Canada and her advice for newcomers looking to break into the tech ecosystem.

It’s client love time, where we highlight one of our incredible clients: what they do, why we’re excited to partner with them, the good they’re putting into the world, and what we’ve worked on together!

This month, we are taking a look at BioIntelligence Technologies. Founded and headquartered in Sherbrooke, Quebec with staff in Toronto, Montreal and beyond. BioIntelligence helps biotech companies reduce water and energy consumption while also increasing their performance.

We are currently seeking a Director, Enterprise Sales to join the BioIntelligence team. For more information, click on the link below.

Canadian companies cover new ground with Earth-observation technology Read more

Janet Bannister launches Staircase Ventures with pledge to fund - and nurture - tech founders Read more

Province invests $7.5M in ‘state-of-the-art’ Innovation Arena for University of Waterloo Read more

OTTO Motors’ leading autonomous mobile robots launch in Europe Read more

Yung Wu to depart as MaRS CEO at the end of 2023 as innovation hub begins search for next leader Read more

After “pilot” program in Canada, Google expands cloud accelerator to US startups Read more

Wealthsimple co-founder steps back as CMO as company makes exec changes Read more

Federal government names six funds to distribute $50 million VCCI life science financing Read more

BDC commits $150 million for Sustainability fund in revamp of ICE Technology Venture Fund Read more

Canadian tech funding powered by

Nimble Science - Alberta | HealthTech | $2.7M

Eli Health - Quebec | HealthTech | $5.0M

LayerZero - British Columbia | Blockchain | $120.0M

Felix Health - Toronto | HealthTech | $18.0M

Brizo Data - Quebec | Analytics | $12.0M

Sepura Home - British Columbia | CleanTech | $3.7M

Agnostiq - Toronto | Quantum | $8.2M

AutoLeap - Toronto | SaaS | $40.0M

MY01 - Quebec | HealthTech | $12.5M

Ariglad - British Columbia | SaaS | $1.3M

Pitstop - Toronto | Analytics | $3.8M

Mila - Quebec | AI | $21.0M

ChargeLab - Toronto | iOT | $20.0M

Kepler Communications - Toronto | SpaceTech | $124.3M

Offstreet - Other | SaaS | $1.2M

Tab Commerce - Toronto | SaaS | $1.3M

Miovision Technologies - Waterloo Region | AI | $260.0M

Yield Exchange - British Columbia | FinTech | $700K

Flash Forest - Toronto | Environmental | $11.4M

Fairly AI - Waterloo Region | AI | $2.2M

Optable - Quebec | SaaS | $26.9M

Medfar - Quebec | HealthTech | $30.0M

Certn - British Columbia | PropertyTech | $40.6M

Omy - Quebec | AI | $11.0M

Vivid Machines - Toronto | AgTech | $5.8M

Abdera Therapeutics - British Columbia | HealthTech | $142.0M


It’s not too late to register for some upcoming learning & development programs! Communitech Hive offers a number of programs to help leaders- informal, new and experienced- with building trust, strengthening communication and navigating the dynamics of an ever-evolving workplace. To learn more, click here!


Are you building a global business, raising a round in the US, or looking to expand your investor network? Our partners at the Canadian Women's Network (CWN) and Connection Silicon Valley are selecting 30 women entrepreneurs to join them in San Francisco this June! Their signature program, Pathway to Silicon Valley is designed for founders wanting to grow their businesses and connect with US-based mentors and investors. What's Included:

  • Panels and workshops led by Silicon Valley experts on talent, building your brand, scaling your business, GTM Strategies, and more;

  • Investor pitch & networking opportunities;

  • Executive leadership growth coaching;

  • 100+ connections to build on in Silicon Valley.

Registration is reviewed on an ongoing, first-come, first-serve basis. If you want to learn more about how Pathway to Silicon Valley can help you grow your business, book time with the CWN team here, or reach out to Carly and our own fearless founder, Kristina McDougall, attended the December edition of Pathway to Silicon Valley. We are big advocates of this program and we’d love to share our learnings with you.

Send us your questions about hiring and retaining top talent in tech!

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