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A Meaningful Retreat – Spas, Pastries and Purpose

Each spring the Artemis team gets away for 2 days for a retreat. With the backdrop of a cozy inn and spa, we celebrate our successes, reflect on our learnings and set intentions for the year ahead.

For me, this retreat is an opportunity to step back from our daily work and let everyone participate in defining the future of our business. What is our ‘Why’? Do we need to change anything to make a bigger impact? How do we individually leverage our strengths to be a better team?

By including the entire team in the process, we’re all more engaged in the business and we make better decisions. We each have a stake in the business direction and each bring our own values. Artemis fits into the journey of each teammate in a unique way, so we stop to explore how we can move forward together.

Most importantly, these days enable me to show gratitude to my incredible colleagues. Each is driven by the need to make the world a better place, for individuals and for our communities. The value they deliver to our business partners and the impact they each make to lives of the entrepreneurs and leaders who we work with is significant.

Perhaps retreating to the spa isn’t your thing. But I encourage you to take time out with your team to reflect on the true meaning of their work. Thank them for joining you on the journey and make sure they know that their efforts are worth celebrating. Recognize the collective impact of your team. They’ll be recharged by your victories and inspired by each other to do more.


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