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Lead Full Stack Developer- North One


North One is looking for a Lead Full Stack Developer to join our growing team as we enter a new phase of expansion. We are a Toronto-based, venture-backed startup at the heart of the FinTech movement that is shaping the way financial services are delivered.


Who Is NorthOne& How Are They Changing The World? 

NorthOne is a mobile, tech-powered bank account built for startups, freelancers, and small/medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Poor financial literacy has an outsized impact on the costs and failure rates amongst SMBs, and they are on a mission to eliminate these problems. They are more than a banking platform, we are the world-class Finance Department that SMBs could never afford


How Will I Make An Impact?


As a Lead Full Stack Developer you'll be joining a team that prioritizes:

  • People: A company is more than just a business. We’re a band of brothers and sisters supporting each other on our mission to rebuild business banking. We’re really serious about the mission, fit, and the people we work with. You’ll be part of a rapidly scaling team that reflects these values and keeps this place special.

  • Diversity: You'll find yourself in an environment that values diversity and inclusivity. Excellence doesn't come in one flavor and neither should we.

  • Leadership: You’re right in the thick of it, making critical decisions that will clear our path forward. 


They offer full health/dental benefits, competitive compensation/equity, and one hell of an adventure.

If you recognize yourself in this job description, let's talk.

How Do I Know If This Is For Me?

Today you might be a Lead Software Developer, Full Stack Developer, Software Engineer or the equivalent in your company...or something that we haven’t heard of yet - we keep an open mind.

The most important characteristic for a Lead Full Stack Developer joining our team is your attitude. We want you to join because you don't see roadblocks, you see opportunities to be at your best. You know that somehow, you and the rest of our team can figure anything out.

These team skills that will make you successful in this role (note that this comes before all else):

  • You get your hands dirty: You are comfortable diving into new projects, exploring other’s code. Whatever it is, you like to stretch outside your swimlane.

  • You’re curious: You’re excited about the bleeding edge of tech without being dogmatic about any language or framework and are excited to passionately share your views with us.

  • You know that tech is a team sport: You understand that learning from and teaching other great developers makes the whole team better.

  • You’re mission first: You get stuff done and you don’t let anything get in the way of moving our product forward.

The skills that will make you successful in this role:

  • Required skills:

    • Expert knowledge in at least one modern programming language (ReactJS, Python, Django, TypeScript, NodeJS preferred) 

    • Worked with complex and secure server architectures (e.g., distributed, stateless)

    • Deep knowledge of API protocols and GraphQL

    • Developed web or mobile applications based on technical and functional specs

    • Expert knowledge of AWS (e.g., Redshift, IAM)

    • Mobile app development experience (using React Native, Java, or SWIFT)

  • Nice to haves:

    • Basic DevOps experience

    • You’ve worked with AWS (e.g., Redshift, IAM) and understand how to build secure systems and applications

    • Experience with microservice system architecture

    • Have built or worked on Android mobile apps (Java or React Native)


Experiences and stories you can tell us around the campfire:

  • Participating in a scoping process for a pre-production software application

  • Working on a production system with a regular release cycle, including mobile applications

  • Shipping one or more software applications

  • Working on a major refactor of a software application

  • Contributions to an open source project

  • Planning for crises, working through them when they were unavoidable


Few people have been trained for this sort of role. If you are this close to what we’ve described, but aren’t sure, apply. Let’s figure out together if this is where you could shine.


Do I Have What It Takes?


If this sounds like you or you have someone to recommend, send a note to

Does this sound exciting to you?
Get in touch with Niv!

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