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IT/DevOps Manager- MarshallZehr Group

Passionate about IT and DevOps, and want the best of both worlds? Want a crucial role that’s both highly strategic but also hands-on?

Who Is MarshallZehr?

MarshallZehr Group provides intelligent financing solutions to builders and developers by partnering with private and institutional investors.

Since day one, they have been doing things differently. They were founded in 2008 - amid the global financial crisis - and were dedicated to driving change in their industry. 

Their vision is to help change the real estate development and financing industry through major advancements in technology to ultimately drive better outcomes for all of their stakeholders. 


Financing real estate developments and construction is a very complex and technical craft, however, it is amongst one of the least technology-enabled industries due to these complexities. They saw first-hand that their industry was ripe for innovation, so they took on the task of building out a new industry standard fuelled by technology.

Over the last 5 years, in an effort to expand their technology capabilities and service offerings, they have developed their own proprietary software to disband those complexities. Their platform allows them to have better access to data, it improves their quality of service and it helps reduce risk for stakeholders. Now that they’ve invested in building this solution that serves as their competitive advantage, they have ambitious growth plans on the horizon to scale this platform and their service – both internally, and externally to build a new industry standard.

Ranked 9th on KW’s fastest-growing technology companies list in 2018, MarshallZehr is on an exciting path to scale with innovation.


How Will I Make An Impact?

This is a new role for MarshallZehr, as they previously relied on external vendors for their IT needs. As the first in-house IT/DevOps manager, your role will be critical to help the team work from home and build/refine their software platform internally. 


This role is a blend of IT (supporting employees with technical infrastructure) and DevOps (running a high-availability software application in production). You’ll have a big influence on the team’s culture, decide how to evolve their IT systems to support employees, build out new cloud infrastructure, and be a crucial voice for future IT and DevOps direction.


MarshallZehr is planning to launch their syndicated mortgage management software to the public, after using it for many years internally.  As part of this effort, you’ll lead the migration from Windows servers to a cloud-hosted, containerized, highly-available cloud system hosted on AWS or Azure.


How Do I Know if This Is For Me?

In your role as IT/DevOps Manager at MarshallZehr, you will:


  • Manage all IT systems, from the physical infrastructure at the office to cloud infrastructure and SaaS subscriptions

  • Create runbooks and self-serve articles for IT systems and DevOps routines

  • Develop IaaS scripts in Terraform, Ansible, PowerShell, or Bash to automate IT processes

  • Craft IT policies to support in-office and remote work while protecting MarshallZehr data and networks

  • Implement new technologies and products that reduce IT spend or improve overall business efficiency/effectiveness

  • Deploy and monitor applications built by the software team, and set monitoring, logging, and deployment standards for them to follow

  • Troubleshoot problems and provide technical assistance to employees when self-serve options have been exhausted

  • Order equipment for new employees or when existing equipment has reached the end of its useful life

Do I Have What It Takes? (Requirements)

MarshallZehr is looking for a passionate, self-directed person who has a vision for how a modern IT department should be run and will not let anyone get in the way of making that a reality.


They’re looking for candidates that have:

  • 3+ years of professional IT/DevOps experience; more is better, but they look for skills rather than time served

  • A technical degree/diploma is preferred; we will also consider candidates with sufficient and similar practical experience

  • Experience managing cloud infrastructure on AWS, Azure, or GCP

  • Experience providing technical support for Windows, Active Directory, and Office 365; experience with Okta, Slack, Dropbox, and other SaaS products an asset

  • Working knowledge of setting up monitoring systems (Prometheus, Grafana, ELK, Loki, etc) and establishing best practices for them

  • Working knowledge of network management (routing, network security, load balancing, Wi-Fi)

  • Working knowledge of IaaS scripting (Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, etc.)

  • Strong project management skills – and a reputation for getting things done

  • Friendly and approachable bedside manor

  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes is a significant asset

  • Security or cloud certifications are an asset


Does this sound exciting to you?
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