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Head of People - OTTO Motors

Founded in 2009, Clearpath Robotics started in a basement by four friends who loved building robots. After persisting, failing, iterating and finally succeeding on the build of their first unmanned vehicle, Clearpath Robotics was born out of a desire to make robotics research much easier.

As the company developed, Clearpath began developing platforms for specific customer needs. A solution for Industrial Manufacturing & Materials Movement uncovered a large market opportunity and in 2013, the OTTO Motors product line was born.

Clearpath Robotics, and their self-driving fleet of research robots, still exist and are thriving in this niche market.

OTTO Motors has evolved, creating self-driving robots for manufacturing and materials management industries. The tech is revolutionary and the solutions poised to redefine the multi-billion dollar manufacturing, warehousing, and materials management market.


How Will I Make An Impact?


You’ll join the Executive team as a peer and business partner; in a fundamental role for OTTO Motor’s success. The company is on the cusp of significant growth and needs a senior leader who can navigate the challenges and opportunities that will come with this growth.

  • You’ll innovate and drive new people systems that reinforce a terrific company culture

  • You’ll help drive values that act as guiding principles for empowering employee autonomy and align independent decision-making

  • You’ll own strategy and tactics around employee attraction, engagement and retention; Helping to build a presence in the community to attract top talent

  • You’ll drive excellence in employee onboarding, learning, coaching, and development, creating a workplace where exceptional people will thrive

  • You’ll work with leaders to ensure that organizational strategy is communicated with transparency and that all people feel aligned to the mission and vision

  • You’ll lead the shift of HR strategy to more proactive and more efficient

  • You’ll improve cross-functional collaboration and communication across the org, putting the foundations in place for continued collaboration with rapid growth

  • You’ll bring a coaching approach to building a more cohesive leadership team, working with peers, co-founders and up and coming managers and leaders.


How Do I Know If This Is For Me?


  • You are excited about the opportunity to lead People Strategy for a company that is growing globally

  • You like to make a BIG impact and work quickly - OTTO Motors is really a vessel for rapid execution and expansion of innovative HR strategies

  • You are assertive but patient; you want a seat and a voice at the exec table to drive the strategy forward but understand that growing pains are a natural part of the evolution of a young tech company

  • The key to your ideal work environment is a strong team of extremely smart and dedicated employees


Do I Have What It Takes? (Requirements)


  • You have lead an organization as VP or through a period of high growth (200 - 1000 employees) and enjoyed the ever-evolving challenges that accompanied the journey

  • You have the ability and desire to build a company-wide HR strategy but also enjoy the dynamics of a growing organization and are willing to “roll up your sleeves” to get things done

  • Your peers would describe you as personable, relatable, inspirational and reasonable, and your insights are often sought out as a trusted guide and coach

  • You are an innovative and experienced HR leader who is up to speed with modern HR approaches and aren’t afraid to take calculated risks

  • You have experience coaching and leveling-up leaders at all levels - Executives, VPs, Directors, and Managers

  • You’ve been a people leader in an organization where success is driven by excellence across Recruitment, Performance Management and Reinforcement of a great Culture.

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