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-FILLED -Head of Marketing - Bibliocommons

Do you have a passion for your local library? Or perhaps, you’re engaged elsewhere in the civic tech community -- or community capacity building sectors? And you’re a marketing leader? Then this opportunity might just be the one for you.

Artemis Canada has partnered with the very exciting Bibliocommons to find their new Head of Marketing based in Toronto, ON.

BiblioCommons is looking for the right person to build and lead a marketing team that will double the company’s impact in the next two years.  Unlike most tech companies in Toronto, they've gotten to where they are with very little investment in sales & marketing -- they've invested nearly everything in a product that to this point has essentially sold itself.

They’ve defined a new market category and established strong, collaborative relationships with many of the largest and most forward-thinking public libraries in North America. They’re widely respected for their thought leadership and product vision. They’ve built the foundations for your success!


How Will I Make An Impact?

You’ll be leading the team responsible for the complete range of marketing functions:

  • Setting the strategy: Collaborating closely with the Director of Sales and the executive team to define your strategy. Establishing the budget required to deliver.  

  • Building and leading your team: Determining the highest impact roles and team structure, deciding what to bring in-house vs what to outsource.  Defining the vision, coaching/mentoring/inspiring your team to deliver their best.

  • Collaborating:  Working with the product teams to bring their stories to market, and to bring the market’s voice back to the teams. Working closely with Sales to ensure the team has the materials they need to be the thought partner our prospects are looking for.  

  • Executing: Building a content machine to scale our thought leadership and shape the industry’s sense of the possible. Ensuring that that content engages its intended audiences across the right channels -- events, paid, organic, email, print.  

  • Measuring: Holding your team accountable. Instilling a culture of learning.

  • Optimizing: Iterating constantly to improve engagement and conversion metrics.


How Do I Know If This Is For Me?


This might just be the best marketing job in the city for anyone who is looking to align their talents with a mission they can get behind.


  1. Opportunity to build your own team from the ground up -- with strong commitment from the executive team. This is where our focus will be for at least the next 3 years, as we build the critical mass we need to deliver on the promise of The Commons.

  2. Set up for success: The product sells itself to those who we reach early enough in the  consideration cycle. This is your opportunity to knock it out of the park.

  3. Enjoy an unusually collaborative relationship with sales.  Our sales team isn’t commissioned, allowing for a true “one team” approach.

  4. Rewarding customer base.  Everyday you get to work for libraries who are building community and making a difference in millions of people’s lives all over North America.

  5. Products that allow you to deliver on your promise to prospects.  While many SaaS companies lead with investments in big sales & marketing teams -- we’ve always done the reverse.


Do I Have What It Takes? (Requirements)


What we’re looking for a true “T-shaped” marketer, with a demonstrated track record of driving growth and change. But given the industry and current position in the market, there are three areas where we believe deep experience would be particularly beneficial:

  • Content Marketing: We’re trying to shift an entire industry’s sense of what’s possible -- and what’s needed -- for libraries to thrive in the age of digital disruption, not just to sell more product. We’re looking for an educator and storyteller who has a great eye for editorial and a strategy to scale our research-based thought leadership.

  • Account-Based Marketing: A surprisingly small percentage of total library systems account for library service to almost two-thirds of the North American population.  And these library systems develop vendor relationships over the course of years. We need to stay with them -- across many functional departments within the library -- to both retain existing clients and access new prospects.

  • Product Marketing: We often invest in features and functionality ahead of the sector’s demand. Marketing these investments will mean tying them to the points of pain our prospects feel today.   ​

We’re also looking for someone who:

  • Thinks very systematically and strategically about building capacity for the long term, even as they drive high-impact tactical activity in the short term.

  • Has a history of deriving transformative customer insights -- from data, conversations with customers, and various other forms of formal and informal research.

  • Loves working with data -- building models, testing hypotheses over time and adapting in response.

  • Has a proven track record of delivering growth!


Does this sound exciting to you?
Get in touch with Kristina!

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