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Engineering Director - ODI

Who Is ODI?


Are you looking for a place where you have the stability of an established company without the red tape of established processes? Are you searching for a place where you can lead a team and help bring an industry into a new age of automation?


Sometimes the seed of a great idea lands within an established business, and the leadership team recognizes an incredible opportunity for investment and for disruption within their industry. At ODI, the Advanced Development Program (ADP) is finding new ways to automate some of the fundamental aspects of their core business, with solutions that leverage advanced robotics and AI.

The ODI global production facilities service the automotive industry and are thirsty for innovation in the form of automation. The solutions include the current generation robotics ‘autobender’, the new generation AKAI (“Advanced Kinematics, Artificial Intelligence”), DieTrackRT (a vision based software for parts and performance management), and DieAnalysis (a home brewed software for analyzing, quoting, and driving manufacturing equipment). Each of these solutions is driving not only cost savings, but the ability to more quickly and effectively address customer demand - beyond anything the competition can deliver.


The results are in, and the team needs to grow in order to bring the state of the art to practical applications. With a team that has grown to 14 incredible engineers, they are now looking for a strong technical leader and people manager.


How Do I Know This Is For Me?

You want to work for a profitable and stable established company that recognizes the virtue of automation and autonomy.  You are driven, calm, and never would a half done project bear your name. You are motivated by making an impact on the technological and commercial trajectory of the company you work for. You eat complex problems for breakfast and your dessert is documentation. You crave autonomy, backed by the enthusiastic support of leaders who have a big vision and an appetite for educated risk.


How Will I Make An Impact?

  • You will ensure that designs and implementations are using best-in-class tools, methodologies, and architecture, and are fulfilling technical requirements and development strategy.

  • As an architect and systematic thinker, you’ll make sure the team has the appropriate technical resources, rowing at the right pace and in the right direction.

  • Navigate the engineering and product development effort in the direction best suited to fulfill user expectations and production requirements.

  • Ensure solutions are built with high quality, using simple clean designs according to sound architectural principles.

  • Develop and grow your people. Coach and enable the growth of people on the team.

  • Enable effective process. Act as Scrum Master and/or Agile coach to ensure the team is operating effectively.

  • Create reliable plans. Work with the team to estimate work, assess risk and provide effective delivery plans.

  • Managing development processes and procedures, the development approach, resources, and budgets.

  • Own the technical design of all software products within ODI. 

  • Plan and Monitor design verification and validation test plans as required.

  • Plan and Ensure compliance to key deliverables.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional team leads to define the technical design, obtaining buy-in from the stakeholders for technical design, overseeing the development of detailed technical specifications, and approving high-level work breakdowns and estimates.

  • Participate in shaping company strategy.

  • Facilitate the evaluation of technological solutions and vendors partnerships best suited for ODI's product strategy. 

  • You will stay on top of recent developments in robotics and software design. 

  • You'll be reporting to the VP of Engineering and the President and owners of ODI.


Does this sound like you?:

  • Graduate degree in computer science, with specialization in either software architecture or algorithm design.

  • +10 years experience working with robotics and/or industrial automation (including internships and research assistance).

  • Significant scrum or agile software-centric leadership experience.

  • DevOps methodologies experience.

  • Good understanding of manufacturing systems and their software dependence.

  • Developed and deployed .NET/C# and WPF based software in demanding environments for non-technical users.

  • Developed and deployed C++ based applications in demanding environments for non-technical users.

  • Proven track record of internal motivation to impact the organization without direction from upper management.

  • Ability to independently translate technical requirements into system architecture plans, including timelines and test procedures.

  • Excellent teamwork/communication skills.

Bonus Points

  • ROS Experience 

  • C++11/14

  • Industrial automation such as PLC/IPC programming – Beckhoff, Allen Bradley


Does this sound exciting to you?
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