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Director of Sales, Strategic Sales, CapIntel

Who Is CapIntel & How Are They Changing the World?


Since their launch in 2019, CapIntel has been on a mission to elevate finance to build wealth for all; this means helping advisors better support their clients, so they feel at ease knowing their future is secure. CapIntel serves financial institutions across North America and has transformed the client experience around investments by modernizing their sales processes with intuitive, web-based applications that are improving the overall experience for wealth professionals and investors alike. 


The company’s mission is to elevate personal finance and a significant part of this means growing wealth through investments while creating meaningful conversations between advisors and their clients. Its platform helps financial professionals deliver transparent, data-driven, and personalized information to their clients so they can get a better understanding of their investments and feel at ease knowing their future is secured. With over 12,000 advisors and 800 wholesalers across North America on their platform, CapIntel is transforming the advisor-client experience.


CapIntel earned lucky #13 on the Globe and Mail’s Top Growing Companies list of 2023, based on a three-year revenue growth of 2443%. They closed a $14.2M Cdn Series A and are continuing to build their team to support their transformative impact on the wealth industry.

“We’re in a really unique position where we feel we’re at the forefront of a larger industry change, a real focus on customer engagement, real focus on investment products, talking about investment products, and delivering more holistic wealth management,” said James Rockwood, CapIntel’s Founder/CEO.

Co-founders James Rockwood and Rob Crnkovic host the Frontier of Finance Podcast, where they go beyond the surface level to bring you credible information on the latest in wealth and asset management. On each episode, you'll hear directly from leading asset managers on their latest product launches and milestones. The podcast will give you an exclusive look at what makes these products different, why they were built, who is behind them, and how to use them in portfolios. Guests include forward-thinking professionals from the largest banks and leading independent firms. Listen to it where you get your podcasts!

How Will I Make An Impact?

Your role as Director of Sales, Strategic Sales, is pivotal in driving revenue growth, building strong relationships, and positioning CapIntel as a leader in the industry. Your ability to lead, strategize, and execute effectively will contribute significantly to the company's ongoing success and impact on the wealth industry.

How Do I Know This Is For Me?

As the Director of Sales for the Strategic Enterprise segment at CapIntel, your impact will be crucial in several key areas. This role is for you if you're excited about the following:


Leadership and Team Building:

  • Establishing and nurturing an engaging and positive culture within the Strategic Account Executive team, comprised of 3 Account Executives and 1 Solutions Engineer, with room to grow. This includes fostering an environment of support, creativity, ownership, and fun.

  • Providing leadership and guidance to ensure the team is aligned with CapIntel's mission and goals.

  • Fostering professional development within the team, ensuring that each member is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge.


Growth Strategy and Footprint Expansion:

  • Contributing significantly to the development and execution of CapIntel's Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy, especially in the Strategic Enterprise segment.

  • Playing a pivotal role in expanding CapIntel's footprint across North America, identifying and capitalizing on growth opportunities in the strategic enterprise market.

  • Collaborating with other key stakeholders to align sales strategies with overall business objectives.


Executive Relationship Building:

  • Building and owning senior-level executive relationships with partner organizations. This involves establishing trust and credibility with key decision-makers.

  • Working closely with executives to understand their needs, challenges, and objectives, and position CapIntel as a strategic partner in addressing these concerns.


Sales Strategy and Execution:

  • Developing and implementing effective outbound sales strategies to acquire new clients, close new logos, and grow existing customer accounts.

  • Providing strategic direction to the team, ensuring that sales efforts are aligned with the company's objectives and market demands.

  • Monitoring and analyzing sales performance metrics, identifying areas for improvement and implementing necessary changes.


Customer Engagement and Satisfaction:

  • Contributing to the enhancement of customer engagement by ensuring that the sales team delivers transparent, data-driven, and personalized information to clients.

  • Working closely with the team to facilitate meaningful conversations between advisors and clients, aligning with CapIntel's mission to elevate personal finance.


Alignment with Industry Trends:

  • Staying on top of industry changes and trends, ensuring that CapIntel remains at the forefront of the wealth industry transformation.

  •  Leveraging industry insights to continually refine and improve sales strategies, ensuring they align with the evolving needs of financial professionals and investors.

Our Ideal Candidate Looks Like:


  • You’re an experienced seller and have coached a complex and full sales cycle

  • You’ve sold into enterprise clients; financial services firms or financial institutions would be an asset (ha, punny)

  • You’re experienced in leading high-performing B2B SaaS sales teams

  • Your communication skills are top notch; you have the ability to distill complex issues to C-Suite and Executive stakeholders

  • You’re data-driven; you’re keen to extract impactful insights from analyses

  • You thrive in startup environments - you’ve achieved success leading through ambiguity in a rapidly evolving business landscape

  • Your stakeholder management skills, both internally and externally, are exceptional

The Process:

Your Artemis Consultant will be alongside you throughout this entire process to ensure you are informed, supported, and excited about the opportunity. 

Interview processes are designed to explore mutual fit, therefore, there may be tweaks and additions as we see fit, however, we aim to follow the below: 


  1. Introductory call with Ashley Gallant, Artemis Consultant (~45 mins)

  2. Conversation with Rob Crnkovic, Co-Founder and CRO (~45 mins)

  3. A chronological interview with a member of the Senior Leadership Team (~45 mins)

    • In this type of interview, you are asked to describe your work experience in chronological order alongside your resume. The idea is to understand your career progression and how your skills and responsibilities have evolved over time, as well as to discuss any gaps or learnings that you’re proud of!

  4. A presentation with Rob Crnkovic, James Rockwood, Co-Founder and CEO, and other Senior Leadership Team members
    (~1 hr, 1-2hrs of prep time)

    • This presentation will cover your leadership style, sales process, and what running an ideal deal looks like (this presentation is meant to be enjoyable for you; a fairly light lift to show the team how you thrive)

We understand, accept, and value the differences between people of different backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, ages, beliefs, and abilities. We aim to create an inclusive environment and encourage diverse individuals to apply.

I’d love to hear from you - even if you don’t meet 100% of the requirements. Send me a note at if you or someone you know is interested!


Does this sound exciting to you?
Get in touch with Ashley!

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