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Director Enterprise Sales - BioIntelligence Technologies 

Who Is BioIntelligence Technologies & How Are They Changing the World?


It all started with a personal goal: accelerate access to greener chemicals, for their families, friends, fellow citizens, and the planet.


Nowadays, about 20% of all molecules are produced through biotech, which is quickly overtaking the chemical industry (growing 5x faster, to be specific!). Standing in the way of that growth has (until now) been a lack of real-time insights and analytics.


Without actionable insights, biotech companies need to take many, many samples and test them with offline instruments. That means delays, low conversions, and a lack of consistency. It also exacerbates one of the biggest problems in biotech today: water and energy consumption.

Joel Sirois was committed to finding a solution to a problem he knew well. After selling his biopharmaceutical company, he moved on to the Universite de Sherbrooke in 2006. Working alongside professors and researchers, they developed a new technology to monitor what is happening within cells and bacteria in real-time, non-intrusively. What they developed was truly disruptive and led to the founding of BioIntelligence Technologies. There is nothing else like this in the market that monitors the metabolic activity of cells and bacteria in real-time. It is like having hundreds of sensors on the engine of cells and bacteria, the metabolism, monitoring what is consumed, transformed, and produced in real-time. On top of that, BioIntelligence's turnkey solution gives operators and production managers advanced analytics, alarms, and notifications on performance, in real-time.

The BioIntelligence Analytics Solution™ - a plug-and-play solution made up of intelligent instruments and analytics, increases conversion yields and reduces product losses and energy and water usage for bioprocesses. Their customers are producers of industrial biochemical, biofuel, food additives, biofertilizers, alternative proteins, cosmetics, biologics, and really, any production using microorganisms in a tank. While the end product can be different, the process is very similar. That means they can all use the BioIntelligence Analytics Solution™ to de-risk bioprocess scale-ups and maximize full-scale profitability while increasing product quality. 


Once their instruments are installed, they reduce the environmental footprint year after year.  And when you’re working with some of the biggest industrial companies in the world, those impacts have an instrumental role to play in the fight against the climate crisis.

How Will I Make An Impact?


As the Director Enterprise Sales, you’ll work closely with the CEO and join as a peer to their existing Director of Enterprise Sales to support & refine their GTM playbook. With the support of production engineers devoted to supporting sales, you’ll focus on growing BioIntelligence’s revenue by building a portfolio of high-reward customers.


As Director of Enterprise Sales, you will:

  • Accelerate sales and expansion in the US, and Europe, where they’re already seeing the highest growth. This means you’re ideally based in the EU!

  • Refine BioIntelligence’s go-to-market strategy. They have the foundations established, but you’ll challenge the status quo and prove it out - again

  • Be a player/coach: You’ll start solo but after the commercialization strategy is set and proven, there is the opportunity to help to build out the team

  • Develop a deep understanding of prospective customers’ business and product needs - this is an educational sell, so your knowledge of the biotech industry will be a major asset             

  • Hunting and farming: Build relationships with net-new accounts that lead to conversions while also “landing and expanding” with current qualified leads

  • Become a subject matter expert by developing a strong grasp of the competitive landscape

  • Act as an expert on all things BioIntelligence as the main point of contact for customers

How Do I Know If This Is For Me?


  • You’re passionate about helping some of the world’s largest companies reduce their environmental footprint which results in a massive global impact. 

  • You have a background in biotech but also understand the needs of a small, fast-paced startup. 

  • You have proven success in meeting targets and iterating on sales processes. 

  • You love all things sales and customer experience: You can build new relationships and have a “do what it takes” approach to close deals, while also nurturing existing relationships to grow accounts. 

  • You either have leadership experience or the thought of eventually leading a team excites you. 

  • Last, but absolutely not least you thrive in a work environment that values hard work and exceeding targets and having fun while you do it. In the words of the CEO, “what we’re doing is serious, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

Our Ideal Candidate Looks Like:

  • Experience managing complex, highly technical B2B sales with large multinational customers in the bioprocessing (or adjacent) industry

  • Experience building awareness and selling into a highly conservative industry (but one that is always looking to reduce losses and increase profits)

  • Experience building out sales strategy, process, and playbooks - and adjusting when necessary

  • Excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills

  • Ambition and a drive to be consistently high-performing and communicative - you pride yourself on being easy to work with

  • Proven success in meeting sales targets

  • An exploratory and creative mindset to identify new and interesting business opportunities 

  • Experience working with lean teams in either a start-up or intrapreneurial environment to build initiatives and projects from scratch 

  • Location - being based in the EU is one option, but we are also open to other candidates with strong domain experience who live elsewhere (ie. US, Canada, etc).

The Process:

The general hiring process looks like the following:

  • Screening call with your Artemis Recruitment Consultant, Carly

  • Meet with the Founder and CEO, Joel Sirois

  • Conversations with 1-2 additional members of the leadership team 

  • References & Offer

As your Artemis Canada Recruitment Consultant, I’ll work closely with you through every step of the process.


I’d love to hear from you - even if you don’t meet 100% of the requirements! Send me a note at if you or someone you know is interested!


We understand, accept, and value the differences between people of different backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, ages, beliefs, and abilities.  We aim to create an inclusive environment and encourage diverse individuals to apply.

Does this sound exciting to you?
Get in touch with Carly!

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