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Chief Technology Officer

Hockeystick is looking for a CTO to help them scale to the next level.

Who Is Hockeystick?

Hockeystick is a data-first product company whose solutions have been adopted by tech communities around the world. Their solutions support the operation of entrepreneurial ecosystems, providing insights and connecting companies with investors. With a product roadmap that includes sophisticated AI and matching solutions, they are positioned to be an even more critical player in the start-up world.


They’ve pioneered a unique approach to collecting data, enabling users retain control. They have a strong belief in Open Data and are a major publisher of open data and open standards.

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How Will I Make An Impact?

Hockeystick has grown an in-house engineering team of 8 with strong attention to detail and excellence as they set up a strong foundation for their product. The next chapter of Hockeystick will be scaling and they’re looking for someone who has strong experience in delivering robust applications. 


The right person will be excited to focus on scaling the engineering team, polishing the data pipeline, improving our machine learning capabilities, optimizing development to production cycles, presenting our research and work to the world, mentoring our team leads, and, most importantly, building a great product for our users around the world.

What Your First Year Will Look Like:

In your first 3 months, you will be:

  • Getting to understand every part of the codebase;

  • Working closely with every team member to understand their capabilities and their growth path

  • Working closely with our CEO and Head of Product to remove uncertainties in our product roadmap

  • Hiring new software engineers to grow our team


In your first 6 months, you will be:

  • Reviewing, improving and championing our engineering process ensuring that there's a good balance of quality, velocity, and developer happiness

  • Reviewing and improving our organizational and security controls, including our commitment to privacy regulations and controls like SOC2

  • Improving and optimizing our data collection and grading pipeline and our machine learning processes

  • Communicating personal and career growth plan to the engineering team for scaling up to 50+


In your first year, you will be:

  • Making improvements to hiring, security, product management, software architecture, QA and testing, dev ops, data science, vendor relationships, team growth and retention

  • On track to scale our engineering team from 8 to 50+

Do I Have What It Takes? (Requirements)

  • You have previous startup experience and are an entrepreneur at heart.

  • You have experience scaling startups from a few to many engineers.

  • You care deeply about communication - you view code as a medium of it and your interactions on GitHub exemplifies that.

  • You understand product building is a team sport. You need your partners in design and product, and you've deeply been immersed in the business and strategy.

  • You believe that a healthy culture and happy teams are essential for building a good product and your team speaks highly of you!


Does this sound exciting to you?
Get in touch with Olivia!

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