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Director of Product Management - Roadmunk

Are you excited at the thought of joining a terrific, profitable company and taking a lead role as they scale? Read on! And then we’d love to tell you more about this incredible team.

Who Is Roadmunk? 

We’re excited to partner with Roadmunk - a high growth start-up in a fast-moving and highly competitive market - to find a Director of Product Management. 

Roadmunk was inspired by a problem the founders experienced personally: there was no simple way for product managers to build and share roadmaps.

Latif Nanji, co-founder and CEO, is also a product manager and when faced with this problem he teamed up with co-founder, Tomas Benda to build a solution. The resulting app helps companies create and effectively manage roadmaps of all shapes, sizes, and types. The goal is to make strategic roadmapping quick, effective, and collaborative.


What sets Roadmunk apart is a deep understanding of the users' psychology and the ability to produce simple solutions to complex problems. They operate from a place of deep empathy.


And it’s working. The most forward-thinking product teams (thousands of them!) including top companies like Amazon, Disney and eBay are using Roadmunk’s solutions to align stakeholders and execs using beautiful, crystal-clear roadmaps.

From day one, they’ve built their app, business, and culture around people-first values. These values are the driving force behind everything they do:

  • Start with empathy

  • Driven to succeed

  • Trust through transparency

  • Build with balance

  • Always learning

  • Fun together

How Will I Make An Impact?

  • You will get to champion a product vision and strategy that aligns the entire organization by working very closely with our Engineering and Design leaders to drive the best solutions for real customer problems and market opportunities.  

  • You will get to be a leader in both the product space and Roadmunk by enabling amazing internal transparency into the things we’re doing and (more importantly) the things we’re not.  

  • You’ll ensure the “why” is always clear and you’ll get to create the processes to open up communication, execution, and management through the entire product lifecycle. 

  • You’ll empower a team of product managers to grow, learn, make mistakes, and ultimately succeed. 

How Do I Know If This Is For Me?


You have a strategic and proactive approach to setting up the product roadmap. You’re excited about defining and re-iterating the product vision and you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty. You’re comfortable working closely with the engineering team to create a fantastic product life cycle and view input from the customer success as opportunities to improve the product


You have a data-driven and agile mindset to bring in new ideas that they haven’t considered yet. You have the ability to build, test and reiterate. You have experience with high volume customers and pride yourself on thinking at scale.


You’re an exceptional leader of teams and can hire, inspire and grow a product team. You’ve been part of a SaaS scaleup and have experience getting from point A to point B (in this case plus points for playing in the $10-25M ARR bracket).

Do I Have What It Takes?


Your leadership style:

  • Proven leadership skills (previous people management experience required)

  • Strong desire to cultivate and produce results as a team; highly motivated towards providing coaching and guidance to produce the best team results and growth trajectories for individual team members

  • You lead with a team spirit, not with ego; you want everyone, including yourself, to do their best work; you see your success as dependent on the success of the team

  • A high level of empathy for both the user and your teammates

Your approach to building Products:

  • Obsessed with customer psychology, thinking beyond the needs of the customer to drive the development of a world-class product

  • Prioritization of designs and solutions that simplify the user experience

  • Balance the quantitative and qualitative knowledge to drive product decisions

Your business acumen:

  • Exceptional verbal and written communication

  • Experience with speaking the language of sales, finance and customer success to champion bi-directional communication

  • Communicate and build relationships with key customers to ensure a deep understanding of market needs

  • Experience in a similar role for a SaaS-based platform

Does this sound exciting to you?
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