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CEO - ‘Greenfield’ (New Confidential Startup)

The" Greenfield' Opportunity


Artemis Canada has been engaged to recruit a CEO for a recently funded startup - yet to even be named - that we’re referring to as ‘Greenfield’. Tackling a big opportunity at the intersection of technology, insurance, and agriculture, this company will drive innovation to impact the industry in a long-term and meaningful way.

As a joint-venture between two established companies, the startup will be based in Kitchener-Waterloo. The founding partners have similar values, customer/market profiles and a shared desire to innovate. They are investing to address a changing, complex and underserved market.


They recognized that to truly create something disruptive for their industry they needed to establish a standalone company, operating with autonomy, outside of their established organizations, to innovate with an entrepreneurial startup development approach. 

This startup will disrupt their industry, become a vehicle for growth, expansion and innovation in the Canadian market. The business opportunity has been identified (and we’ll tell you much more once we’re connected!), the funding is secured, and with the right CEO as employee #1, this innovative new company will be poised for success.


Key Objectives: 


  • With the support and resources of two established founding partners, you will have the autonomy and flexibility to run Greenfield as a true startup.

  • You’ll identify and prioritize the opportunities that are the strongest growth drivers and lead the organization through the startup development process. 

  • With the head-start of deep market knowledge, the product, service and go-to-market approach is open-ended as the Founders are seeking a CEO who is an innovative thinker and brings new ideas to product creation and delivery.

  • Once you have developed an initial strategy, you will build and lead the organization to execute the chosen model for growth, while continuing to find innovative ways to address the current and future market needs. 

  • You will have a major impact on the broader businesses to compete with legacy companies and focus on innovation.


Does This Sound Like You?

  • You have entrepreneurial experience and an appreciation for the value of technology and innovation. ​

  • You are an experienced, authentic and positive leader. You genuinely care about the needs of your customers, team and community. You are driven to make a long term impact. ​

  • You have strong business acumen, experience with significant P&L accountability and can develop, communicate and execute on a vision. ​

  • You are equally skilled at managing all stakeholders, including customers, employees, board members and partners. ​

  • You have an understanding and appreciation for the P&C insurance sector and for the needs of agriculture customers. 

  • You have experience with a B2B distribution network and have established new relationships through exhibiting credibility and understanding. ​

  • You are confident in the face of uncertainty and stay ahead of market trends. 


The search for this CEO is being managed by the team at Artemis Canada, in Waterloo, ON. 

For confidentiality reasons, this description has been kept high level, but please reach out to Leigh to learn more information about this one of a kind opportunity. 



Does this sound exciting to you?
Get in touch with Leigh!

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